From Christina Ricci to Carol Kane: Where the actors from 90s gem Addams Family Values are now.

It was the comic-turned-TV show-turned-film with the earworm of a theme song any 90s (or 60s) kid will remember.

In fact, if you didn’t have the sudden urge to click your fingers from the moment you saw this headline, you should definitely familiarise yourself below:

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Addams Family Values was actually the sequel to 1991’s The Addams Family, which followed on from the 1960s TV show.

But while it wasn’t as much of a commercial success, it was significantly better received than its predecessor by reviewers. And, well, us.

Everything about the Addams Family Values was pure 90s bliss, from the outfits, to the ridiculous storyline, to Wednesday Addams – who really came into her own in this film – in all her deadpan glory.

Here, we track down each member of the creepy family to see what they’ve been up to since the film first came out in 1993.

You’re welcome.

Wednesday Addams – Christina Ricci

Images: Twitter, Getty.

The biggest mood of the 90s, Wednesday Addams will forever remain an icon. We can't don anything black with a white collar without being instantly reminded of the macabre little girl who wanted to murder her baby brother.

Ricci, now 39, was just 10 when she starred in the Addams Family Values and set fire to her summer camp, thus securing herself as a cult figure of the 90s.

She went on to star in coming-of-age films like Now and Then and big-budget family adventure Casper, before finding gritty roles in films like The Opposite of Sex, 200 Cigarettes, Buffalo 66 and Monster, the 2003 biographical crime drama which also starred Charlize Theron.

Ricci, who has a son, has acted steadily over the years, but in our hearts, she'll always be teeny-tiny weirdo Wednesday Addams.

She even says the film was somewhat of a career highlight.

“I don’t have a favorite [film] of all time,” Ricci told PEOPLE. “I’ve had some incredible experiences and loved working as a child. I have to say The Addams Family movies were two really really — they were like glory days for me as a 10 and 12-year-old.”

Pugsley Addams – Jimmy Workman

Images: Twitter, Getty.

Here's a Hollywood fact we only learnt today: the guy who played Pugsley is Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame's older brother.


After appearing in the film, Workman, now 38, had a few minor roles here and there, including one in Jack Nicholson film As Good as it Gets.

He has since retired from acting, and now works in the technical side of film and TV.

In 2001, he told PEOPLE he gained access to his trust with the funds from the film at age 18 and went "buck wild".

"I got all my partying out of my system," he told the publication.

He also said he and Ricci "argued like brother and sister" on set.

Morticia Addams – Anjelica Huston

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Queen of the bizarre Anjelica Huston is the true witch of Hollywood, never failing to send a chill down our spines while teaching us how to rock red lipstick with a smoky eye at the same time.

Huston, who also starred in The Witches to horrifying effect, was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Morticia, the family matriarch.


The Academy Award-winning actress, 68, said in her 2014 memoir Watch Me that she thought close friend Cher would have been a logical first choice for Morticia. We disagree and very much stand by the casting choice.

Since Addams Family Values, Huston has stepped behind the camera as a director, while maintaining a steady stream of acting roles, including 2001 Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums and this year's John Wick: Chapter 3.

Gomez Addams – Raul Julia

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Addams Family Values was Juliá’s final film to be released in his lifetime. The Puerto Rican actor, who played Wednesday and Pugsley's father Gomez, died aged 54 on October 24, 1994 after suffering a stroke.

Pubert Addams – Kristen and Kaitlyn Hooper

Images: Twitter.

The mustachioed baby boy was actually played by twin girls Kristen and Kaitlyn Hooper. Five years on from the film's release, the two portrayed Tim Allen's twin nieces in an episode of Home Improvement.

Since then, the two seem to have quit acting.

Uncle Fester – Christopher Lloyd

Images: IMDB, Getty.

Much like the Wednesday Addams effect, we can never look at a short, bald man in a full coat without being reminded of Uncle Fester. It's just the way it is.

The deranged yet unlikey in love brother of Gomez is a key character in the film, which is centred around Fester's marriage to Debbie Jellinsky (Joan Cusack), the recently hired nanny who wishes to murder Fester and inherit his share of the Addams fortune.

Of course... she can't murder the undead.

Christopher Lloyd, the Back to the Future actor who played Uncle Fester, was a huge fan of the character in the original cartoon.  In 2013, he told Buzzfeed; "Every time the magazine came in with Charles Addams' cartoons, I’d open it up, hoping there’d be one with Uncle Fester. He just always appealed to me, his whole persona.”


Lloyd, famously tall for Hollywood at 6’1”, had to bend his knees to look shorter.

“It worked out well because it gave me kind of a funny walk,” the 71-year-old told Buzzfeed.

Lloyd recently appeared in the TV adaptation of 12 Monkeys.

Granny – Carol Kane

Images: IMDB, Getty.

Now known for her role as the quirky Lillian Kaushtupper in Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kane, a comedy actress with two Emmys for her role on Taxi, told Parade in 2013 that the most difficult part of Addams Family Values was the floor-length wig.

“That wig was amazing. It weighed I think five pounds and was down to my feet,” Kane, 67, said.

“In every other way, it was delightful and wonderful to be part of, but physically, it’s very challenging for pretty much all of us. It was an exercise, but it was also a joy.”

Debbie Jelinsky – Joan Cusack

Images: Twitter, Getty.

Cusack played serial killer Debbie Jelinsky who murdered her husbands to steal their fortunes. She also rocked a white feathered night gown like a boss.

She has remained a staple on our screens since then, both on TV and the silver screen, appearing recently in Toy Story 4 as the voice of Jessie.

The two-time Academy Award nominee, 57, has been married to attorney Richard Burke since 1996 and has two sons.

Lurch – Carel Struycken

Images: Youtube, Getty.

Lurch, originally played by Ted Cassidy in the series, was portrayed by Carel Struycken in the film adaptation.

Struycken had previously appeared as Mr. Homn on Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Giant on Twin Peaks before scoring the role.

His height (6'98") is due to a disorder called acromegaly, which results in the body producing too many growth hormones. The Dutch actor, 71, is still working, having recently appeared in the return of cult series Twin Peaks in 2017, as well as Stephen King adaptation Gerald’s Game that same year.

Thing – Christopher Hart

Images: IMDB.

Yes, we even tracked down the actor who played Thing, the disembodied hand that ran around like a spider and haunted precisely every child's dreams.

Thing was played by Christopher Hart, who also played "The Hands" on an episode of Angel, and appeared in teen comedy horror Idle Hands, starring Jessica Alba and Seth Green. He played, you guessed it: The Hand. 

So there you have it, every member of the only family more messed up than your own accounted for.

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