Meet the "smelfie". A great excuse for a crappy photo.

Why would anyone want to see a picture of a man holding a dirty nappy? For one really excellent reason.

Meet the ‘Smelfie’. Distant cousin to the belfie (butt selfie), the brelfie (breastfeeding selfie) and the after sex selfies (that one’s fairly self explanatory).

Last week, Aussie comedian and dad Adam Hills tweeted a photo of himself changing a nappy:

Now dads all over the world have jumped on the hashtag, tweeting their own hilarious “smelfies” accompanied by some facial expressions every parent will recognise.

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We’re on board with anything that highlights the need for shared responsibility and equality in parenting duties.


Because we were never buying what Madonna was selling. Ex-husband Guy Ritchie apparently didn’t change nappies because he’s ‘a man’s man’, and ‘it’s not a man’s job’.

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Hills, who is dad to Beatrice, 4, and Maisie, 1, also had some words for the haters. 

There’s no excuse for men’s apparent unwillingness to deal with poo. It’s a shit job and we all have to do it.

Good on you, Adam.

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