The Adam Driver face swap that has everyone freaking out.


Something has happened and we don’t know how we feel about it.

Adam Driver’s face has been swapped with Keanu Reeves’ face and the results are… unsettling.

They’re… they’re… the same person.

Someone please call Hollywood and tell them they’ve been duped for approximately the last 27 years.

It turns out it was Adam Driver on that speedy lil’ bus that COULD NOT STOP in the 90’s and it was Keanu Reeves who did weird things to Lena Dunham on Girls.

Also, was it Keanu in Stars Wars? Did Adam chase Patrick Swayze all the way to Bells Beach, Australia, only to have him surf out into the choppy waters and disappear?

Who went on all those time-travelling adventures with Bill or Ted?

And who the heck was on The Matrix?

Let’s never face swap again pls, this is too much.

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