9 activewear brands that don't stop at Size 14.

Images: Target/Taking Shape/Female for Life.

These days, activewear is everywhere. It’s in the gym, it’s on the streets, it’s in your Instagram feed, and it’s certainly at a brunch table near you. It’s become a phenomenon.

Despite the ever-rising popularity of this clothing category, it can still be challenging to find stylish fitness gear outside of a six to 14 size range. Which is ludicrous, because exercise isn’t restricted to women of specific shapes or sizes — it’s for everybody and every body.

So, if you’re on the hunt for some fun new gear to run, lift, stretch and sweat in, here are some of the brands that offer sizes over 14 that can be purchased in (or shipped to) Australia — for a range of budgets.


We’re not the only ones obsessed with Target’s cool, affordable activewear — The Biggest Loser host Fiona Falkiner is also a fan. “A lot of the stuff I wear are from shoots that I wear til they run out, and then I stock up with Target!” she told The Glow.

Most of the brands sold at Target, including Active and Giaan by Spalding, run to a size 18 and sometimes 20 There’s also a small collection called Belle Curve Active, with leggings and tees from size 16-26 (and all for just $25 each — score).

Browse the range here.

ASOS Curve

Although it doesn't have a dedicated activewear line, you can pick up some great workout-friendly leggings, hoodies, track pants, tees and sweatshirts through ASOS' Curve range. The sizes on offer start at 18 and are available up to a 30 for some items. Prices are also very wallet-friendly — for instance, their cropped leggings are $17 while a full-length pair is $38. Niiiiiice.

Browse the range here.

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Running Bare

Running Bare's "Plus Size" range is full of striking, colourful fitness clothes that go up to a size 22 (and 24 for some items). The line includes crop tops, leggings in varied lengths, shorts, tees and swimmers for ladies who like to lap. Our pick of the bunch? The power print tights — who could resist zebra-striped legs?

Browse the range here.

Female for Life

Two pieces of good news: Female For Life offers fitness wear from size six to 24, and a number of these items are currently on sale (go! Run!). Their designs cover everything from yoga to cycling, and are bloody cute — we love the sleeveless hoodie with leopard print panels and the yoga 'skorts' and culottes. Hey, not everyone wants to wear leggings while they're in downward dog.


Browse the range here.

Taking Shape

Another lesser-known local supplier bringing the goods is Taking Shape, or TS14+, which caters to sizes 14-24. Note that what TS labels as XS is actually a size 14.

Their activewear range is absolutely gorgeous — think bright colours and fun, stylish prints that can be mixed and matched. And, if you need any further incentive, their website is currently offering a buy-one-get-one free deal on certain full-priced items.

Browse the range here.

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Aussie shoppers were very pleased when Kate Hudson's Fabletics range began shipping over to our shores last year — understandable, considering the stylish range is available from size four to 24 (XXS to XXL in Fabletics terms). Even better, you can order leggings with short, medium or tall inseams and there are heaps of fun colours/prints to choose from.

Browse the range here.


When it comes to size range, Nike gets a big tick from us. See what we did there? The iconic brand's leggings, tank tops, sports bras, tennis dresses — you name it — go up to a size 22 (which is XL in Nike-speak). There are some very cool items and materials in the current collection, so go and check it out. Like, now.

Browse the range here.


In even more happy news, Adidas also caters up a size 22 (XL). We just had a quick browse of the current s22 offerings — there are 102 of them — and found all kinds of good things — patterned sports bras and bright leggings and lightweight tees, oh my! Also, there are some great accessories, but that's a whole other post.

Browse the range here.


According to the website, H&M doesn't offer online shopping here in Oz, so this will be an in-store situation — meaning there's a chance certain styles and sizes won't be available. However, a quick glance online suggests a number of their cute and affordable sportswear items (including the ones pictured below) are available up to a size XL, which is 20-22. Nice. So it's definitely worth having a look if you're in Melbourne or Sydney.

Browse the range here.

And one to watch...

Reports this week say popular US retailer Forever 21 — which opened stores in Brisbane and Sydney last year — has just extended their fitness range to include a plus size collection. We're not sure when it'll be available in our Aussie stores so keep your eyes peeled.

Have we missed any? Tell us your favourite activewear brands in the comments below.