Meet the smoking hot cancer patients changing our view of life in treatment.

This is the film clip to 2004 song ‘Call On Me’ by Eric Prydz. (Which is one of those great songs that absolutely no one can remember the name/artist of, but that appeared in enough car advertisements that we’re sure will recognise it when you hear it.)

And this is that same sexy film clip remade by a group of cancer patients.

The video has been produced by Norwegian organisation, Aktiv Mot Kreft (‘Active Against Cancer’). Aktiv Mot Kreft was established in 2007 to provide physical activity services to cancer patients.

The fitness classes provide a community of support for the patients, who are learning lessons about what true beauty is as their bodies change.

“You don’t exactly feel confident and beautiful without hair, eyebrows and a strange looking breast,” one of the dancer said in the video’s accompanying documentary. The physical activity also has positive health benefits, helping sufferers to fight off a relapse.

“Everyone told me that I would be exhausted, but I feel that I kicked cancer in the butt,” another dancer said.

You can watch the full mini-documentary below: