The superfoods that are sending your teeth yellow

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By now, we all know that huffing down blueberries, blood oranges and pomegranate gives our bodies a much-needed boost of antioxidants – those little chemical wonders that help keep our skin glowy, our immune system happy, and our bodies unriddled with cancer.

We also know that hot water and lemon, or apple cider vinegar, is the best way to kick our guts into gear in the morning.

But while our penchant for berry smoothies and digestive assistance is great for our overall wellbeing, there’s one area of our body that’s seriously suffering from our increased fruit intake: our teeth.

See, all of those high antioxidant foods – and yes, that very much includes our beloved blueberries – are highly acidic. This can contribute to ‘acid wear’ on your teeth.  The wearing down of tooth enamel can make your teeth weaker, thinner and sometimes even dull or yellowish in appearance.

Here, let this adorable infographic about superfood acidity explain:

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As they would say in San Francisco in 1967, "That's a lot of acid, man!"

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can guard your teeth against the tangy fruits and veggies the rest of your body loves.

We asked dental expert and Pronamel consultant Dr Peter Alldritt for a few tips about preventing acid wear. Here's what he suggested:

1. Eat foods high in acid quickly – don't hold them in your mouth.

2. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately before or after eating or drinking and make sure you're using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

3. Consider using an optimised, fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel and give you extra protection from the effects of everyday acidic foods and drinks.


While we'll miss the sweet sensation of rolling a blueberry around on our tongues until it bursts - that does all seem manageable. And a little less time with fruit in our mouths does seem like a worthwhile price to pay for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Are you concerned about your dental health? Let us know how you look after your teeth.