This year, I am making *achievable* New Years Resolutions.

It being the first day of 2016 I am, as I do every year on the first of January, I find myself reflecting on my hopes and dreams for the next 12 months, and what I hope to achieve.

This is the time that New Year’s Resolutions rear their ugly head. Each and every year I am suckered in by the hope provided by a fresh new year to make a fresh new start.

I resolve to stop eating dessert.

I resolve to get to bed early, get up early and go for a run.

I resolve to pay off my credit card.

I resolve to shave my legs at least once a week and not once a quarter.

I resolve to shave my legs at least once a week. image supplied

Of course, I will probably eat dessert the evening of the first of January. I might go for a run for the first two mornings of the year. I'll like manage to throw a couple of hundred bucks on my credit card before I then reward myself for my fiscal virtue by maxing it out again. And for sure my legs will be hairier than a wookiee's faster than you can say, "Gilette, the best a man can get."

Inevitably, this leads to at least half an hour of ennui at my lack of self-discipline and a second serve of dessert as I consider myself. Why or why can I not stick to a few simple goals?

But not this year.

No, this year I am making achievable resolutions for 2016.

I mean, why would you resolve not to eat this. image via instagram @phoodie

I resolve to incorporate more fruit in my dessert. Let's face it, dessert is here to stay, so let me at least make it eligible for the 'but-it's-natural-sugar-that-hasn't-been-processed' bullshit excuse.

Similarly, I resolve to order the veggie burger instead of the regular burger.


I resolve to put my joggers and activewear neatly folded up beside my bed every night. That way, if the running gods turn their bright and overly chirpy faces upon me and I wake up in the mood for torturing myself there is one less barrier between me and the road.

I resolve to ask my husband to make the bed every morning.

I resolve to spend more quality time with my children... by sitting with them while they watch ABC Kids.

This is Peppa Pig's biggest fan, right here. image supplied

I resolve to let my husband choose at least every third thing we watch on Netflix, even if that does mean we end up down an X-Men shaped hole, because it's important for us to spend quality time together as a couple.

I resolve to get rid of one pair of shoes for every new pair I bring into the house. (I'm so sorry, Mastercard.)

I resolve to spend less time in front of a computer and more time outdoors... on my phone... with a latte.

I resolve to stop posting humble brags on social media.

I resolve to spend more time wearing no bra.

Alys and her daughter. image supplied

I resolve to stop yelling at the kids, and just send them straight to their rooms instead while I enjoy peace and quiet punctuated by smashing on doors.

I resolve to take more afternoon naps.

I resolve to pay my bills before the second final reminder comes.

You got anymore achievable New Years Resolutions?