Accidental Penises

Lady Gaga’s penis shoes

Lady Gaga often aims to shock, and she’s certainly succeeded with her latest choice in footwear. She turned up on the set of American Idol wearing a pair of booties with Lucite penises for heels, which producers were forced to censor with a little American Idol logo. The shoes are from designer Void of Course and are reported to have cost over $4,500.

While the penises on Gaga’s shoes are pretty obvious, there’s a whole group of penises which are a little more disguised – accidental penises.  These can be found in otherwise unassuming architecture, buildings, trees, fruits and so on. It’s really hard not to look.

And there’s one right near you. Well, sort of. We’ve put together a whole gallery of the cheeky things.


Thanks Twitchy via Accidental Penis