"Like Abyan, I am pregnant. Unlike Abyan, I do not desperately need an abortion."

Last night as I lay in bed I thought of Abyan.

I thought of everything that is different between her life and mine, and the one thing that is the same. Like Abyan I am pregnant.

Unlike Abyan, I am not pregnant because I was savagely raped.

Unlike Abyan, my swollen stomach is not a source of fear or dread.

Unlike Abyan, I am physically and mentally well.

Unlike Abyan, I can readily access medical care.

Unlike Abyan, I live with my family in a home that is secure and filled with love.

Unlike Abyan,  I have never been persecuted. I have never fled my home country.  I have never been subject to brutality or war.

Unlike Abyan, the light of day nor the darkness of night terrorise me.

Unlike Abyan, I do not live in fear. I am not 23 years old. I am not begging a foreign government for medical treatment to end my misery. I am not contemplating ending my own life.

Unlike Abyan, the idea of giving birth and bringing a baby into the world is not terrifying.

There is one reason I am abundantly rich with the same freedoms Abyan is denied. I was born in Australia. I was lucky.

Abyan wasn’t born in Australia but as a refugee in Nauru she is Australia’s responsibility. We can’t waive that. She is begging for help and we are ignoring her.

She needs an abortion and Australia stepping in is the only chance she has of getting one.

Earlier today the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton refused to comment on Abyan’s circumstances but he hinted that she may receive medical help.

“If people require medical assistance, they will receive it. Whether it is on Nauru or in Australia, they will receive it,” Dutton said in a press conference. “When the doctors advise us they can, they will then travel.”

More than 55,000 Australians have signed this petition seeking help for Abyan but Dutton was adamant “no amount of campaigns, calls to my office, petitions or anything else” will change his position.

The standard we walk past is the standard we accept. We cannot walk past Abyan.

You can sign the petition here.