What is a non-surgical rhinoplasty? 8 questions we needed answers to immediately about the cosmetic treatments we keep hearing about.

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Anti-wrinkle injections, filler, PDO threads, laser, needling, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty… that’s the start of my cosmetic enhancement "resume", and I have no problem sharing as much.       

We can love ourselves as much as an inspirational quote tells us to, but one of the best things about cosmetic advancements in 2021 is that if you really don’t like the look of something, and you are in the financial position to do something about it, you generally can. 

Do I, do Mamamia endorse cosmetic procedures? We endorse women doing whatever the heck they want to. 

The only thing I want from needle enthusiasts is that you DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please don’t jump into something because you think it’s trendy or you feel pressured to change something about yourself. 

Any cosmetic procedure should not be undertaken lightly, and it’s something only YOU can decide. 

(After doing adequate research, of course!)

This is one of the reasons why I waited until I was almost 27 before undergoing ANY sort of jab or slice. I personally wasn’t educated or mature enough prior to trust I was making the right decision. 

So with that in mind, I’m hoping that this pervy look into some of the cosmetic treatments we keep hearing about lately helps inform you if you were wondering, and can be a starting point to answer some common questions about these popular procedures on the market. 

To help me out (because although experienced, I am in no way an expert), I chatted through all my burning questions with Stephanie Murray. She's one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Injectors and co-owner/co-founder of Perth’s Absolute Cosmetic Medicine clinic. 

Here’s what she had to say.


Firstly Steph, I want to ask you about non-surgical rhinoplasty! I actually had surgical rhinoplasty at the beginning of the year, so I’d love for you to explain the difference? 

Where surgical rhinoplasty (as you'd very well know Kelly!) requires anesthesia, surgery and months of recovery time; non-surgical rhinoplasty takes 15-30 minutes to complete with, at worst, a few days of minor downtime. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a treatment that actually uses dermal filler or PDO threads to "correct" any bumps on the bridge of the nose or to push up the tip of the nose, depending on what the client is after as a result. You might have heard the phrase "non-surgical nose job" which refers to this treatment!


Dermal fillers help to sculpt the nose precisely by adding volume. PDO threads are an option that are biocompatible (basically threads that aren't harmful to the living tissue of your skin) and so are absorbable after a period of time. The threads are placed along the nasal bridge for height.

Additionally, they can be used in the top of the nose to elevate and stimulate collagen production. 

So for that reason, I will always recommend PDO threads myself as they're ideal for many clients who may have a 'flatter' nose, looking to build and contour the bridge, as well as for tip elevation.

And then there are Hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers are useful for bumps in the bridge of the nose and for pushing up or elevating the tip of the nose. 

From my expertise, I wouldn’t personally recommend non-surgical rhinoplasty to any client who has previously broken their nose, which may have resulted in it being flatter and potentially crooked as a result. I also wouldn’t recommend the procedure to people with a larger nose that may require surgical reduction as an alternative to this procedure, or anyone with septum deviation.

So much to consider and explore when it comes to this treatment! Always a great one to hear everyone's different questions on it, as this one has been incredibly popular in recent months.

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Like with all cosmetic procedures, you need to make sure you’re going to someone highly skilled, but even more so with non-surgical rhinoplasty.  

The nose is very vascular, therefore making it generally the area with the most risk to treat on the face. 

It is essential to find and consult with a highly experienced practitioner with great knowledge of anatomy and placement skills. 

I do love this treatment as it can have such a drastic effect on someone’s appearance, and while slightly uncomfortable for the client (we do offer topical numbing cream or Lignocaine with adrenaline at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine), the downtime generally only involves mild bruising, swelling and tenderness.

I'm intrigued: how long does a non-surgical rhinoplasty even last, and what price would someone be looking at? 


Results can last approximately 1 year for both procedures. Patient results and the longevity of results is variable of course, and dependant on varying factors affecting the individual. 

The dermal filler treatment starts at $599 per ml, with PDO Threads starting at $599, which varies on how many threads are used during the treatment.

I’d also love to ask you about breast augmentation, as I know this is one of the most popular procedures young women may be interested in knowing more about. It’s also something I have personally had done! But I’ve seen online you can get it done now with either implants OR fat transfer!? How does that actually work? And what are the benefits? 

Yes! A lot of people don’t seem to know this! Although using implants is the most popular way to surgically enhance the breasts, it is not the only option. 

You can also enhance breast shape, size and symmetry using your own body's fat. 

It is particularly popular with people who would like to mix body contouring surgery (like liposuction) with breast enlargement/enhancement.

The procedure involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the breasts using Vaser Pro Liposuction. 

After processing the fat, it is injected into the breasts, which results in considerably less scarring and downtime than a traditional Breast Augmentation. 

Despite this, you might be surprised to learn that I still tend to prefer and recommend a traditional Breast Augmentation.  

Breast implants are much more predictable, and the risk of breast cancer is less with an implant, at 0% risk I'm very glad to say. 


Fat transfer procedures generally have a higher risk, which is also why Brazilian Butt Lifts procedures do come with more risks.  

With my mention there of Vaser Pro Liposuction, this is a popular type of liposuction that involves the vaser probe being inserted into the target area to remove fat in a more gentle method than traditional liposuction. The ultrasound liquefies the fat, which is much easier to remove, especially in difficult areas like the chest and banana fold, where there’s more fibrous tissue. The vaser is great for high-definition results, with a 6-13% increase in skin tightening.

What other treatments and procedures have you seen an increase in popularity?

Many of them I've seen on the rise. I do love personally treating temples, mid-face, chin, and jawline as the results are extremely rewarding, and my patients always love their results.

Facial filling (with dermal filler and fat transfer) is a very common treatment to refresh an appearance that our clients describe as "tired", and address collagen depletion in the mid-face and add volume and contour to cheekbones. 


What other treatments and procedures are offered at Absolute Cosmetics Medicine?

At our Perth clinics, we offer over 80 non-surgical, non-invasive, and surgical aesthetic and medical treatments that target a variety of face and body concerns. We welcome anyone interested to know more to book a complimentary consultation and assessment with us, to determine the most suitable treatment approach.

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