The woman behind 'Dear Fat People' has made another video. This one's about abortion.

Ergh, basically.

If you thought YouTuber Nicole Arbour couldn’t get more offensive or have less capacity for self-reflection, how wrong you were.

A viable contender for the title of World’s Least Funny Comedian, Arbour — whose last contribution to the internet was a fat-shaming video titled Dear Fat People in which she decried that fat-shaming was “not a thing” — is back, this time talking about abortion.

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Nicole Arbour: “Comedian”

In her latest video, with the deliberately misleading title ‘Why Abortion is WRONG!’, Arbour tries (and spectacularly fails) to skewer the the American anti-abortion movement.


Arbour is actually pro-choice, apparently, but clearly thought it would be fun to troll the Internet by feigning a lack of support for women’s reproductive rights. Har bloody har.

“Ironic that the same people who are against abortion are the ones who probably should have been aborted,” she says for some baffling reason.

She then goes on to outline a list of people she believes should also have been aborted including, but certainly not limited to, Hitler and “that guy who killed the lion”.

Some of her other brilliantly ill-conceived arguments include: if we consider sperm to be alive that “would mean every single mum of a teen boy who’s had to do his socks in the laundry is an accomplice to murder.”

A joke seemingly recycled from her own 2012 Twitter presence:

She also says, “If we want less abortions, we should have less alcohol and that’s just not going to happen.”

Suffice to say people are not impressed with Arbour’s efforts:

As a resident of a country where reports emerged yesterday of the Vice-President Joe Biden actually saying “abortion is always wrong” in a recent interview and where Republican politicians are currently trying to defund abortion provider Planned Parenthood, anti-abortion campaigners have a lot to answer for.

Nicole Arbour is just a troll and not a very funny one.

You can watch the video below… or don’t.

Video via Nicole Arbour
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