"Sorry, I've lost it." ABC weather woman erupts into a fit of giggles live on air.

For weather woman Vanessa O’Hanlon, Thursday morning began like any other.

She was delivering the weather report on ABC News Breakfast, forecasting showers for the Bass Strait Islands, when suddenly she descended into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Oh – and haven’t we all been there.

Turns out it wasn’t the chance of rain that O’Hanlon found so funny, but rather the fact that someone was hit in the head by a camera.

We agree O’Hanlon, that is pretty funny.

As anyone who has been struck with a completely inappropriate fit of laughter would know, the more you resist, the worse it gets.

Eventually she conceded “Sorry, I’ve lost it”, and host Michael Rowland stepped in and finished off the segment.

Never have pressure systems and remarkably average weather been so funny.

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