8 good reasons why the ABC shops should never close.

 Auntie’s shutting up shop.
The ABC has announced it will be closing the doors at its 50-odd retail stores around Australia, with up to 300 staff to lose their jobs.
The reason? They’re not rolling in the money like they were in the pre-internet shopping age of ye olde.
The stores, which have been operating for over 30 years, will still exist in a really pared back version – in small branded sections of OTHER stores, like Dymocks.  And there will also be the online store to shop at.
But c’mon, Mark Scott.  Can you reconsider? If only for these reasons:

1. Do you know how hard it is to shop for a Mother-In-Law / Father’s Day / Grandparent?

Do you, Mark Scott? Do you know where to find an enticing selection of documentaries about Ireland?  Classical Music for people that still use CD players? Talking books? Another book/DVD on WWII for my dad? You have been filling a shopping niche LIKE NO OTHER.

2. What about people that don’t really get/or want to get into online shopping? 

Like my parents. And grandparents. And people that are scared to put their bank details online. And people that still pay for things with cash. These people are in your core demographic, Auntie. I know you are hip and you move with the times, but there’s a helluvalotta stamp-collecting, gardening and documentary loving peeps out there who LOVE to browse in a physical shop.

3. The staff are always incredible nice. 

You know why? Probably because they are surrounded by THESE GUYS all day.
Nawwww. Jemima Sandwich!

4. Peppa Pig.

The mothers of Australia are pleading with you. Your pig range is second to none. SECOND TO NONE.

5. It’s just……….wholesome. 

Like a warm hug, from someone in a cardigan, everything you pick up is something either functional, creative, educational, or cute. This place is a mecca of wholesome. And it caters for EVERY stage of life.  It’s your childhood nostlagia in one corner (Thomas the Tank Engine), with stuff for the modern parent (a bazillion great books, board games, DVD’s and those weird Octonaught things), it has good stuff for teenagers (notoriously hard to buy decent stuff for), can cater for the niche consumer interest (french polishing documentary anyone) and retirement in the next (hello, every single documentary on gardening).

6.  Dr Who.

All those Dr Who fanatics – where will they go to pick out exactly the right Tardis shaped money-box?  The cake pans? The clothing? The fan base will EX…TER…MINATE.

7. Won’t someone think of the children?
And the people that don’t HAVE children and need to buy things for children? And the people that don’t have children but want to pretend for a bit they are a child?

You can’t go wrong in here.

8. Because we will no longer hear the phrase: “You can buy it at ABC Shops, ABC Centres, and all good retailers”

You can leave feedback here at the ABC Shops website.
Should Auntie reconsider?