Brisbane radio host thoroughly spooked after encounter with 'dancing ghost'.

Thanks to the omnipresent iPhone, ghost sightings are more prolific than ever.

Creepy playground swing moving with no wind? Ghost. Footsteps up the hallway with no-one home? Ghost. Missing tub of ice-cream that your flatmate insists was due to you? Um, GHOST!

But here’s something more than a little spooky for your Tuesday: Hit105 breakfast host Abby Coleman has snapped a mysterious white “orb” zooming around her living room.

Watch Abby’s video below. (Post continues after video)

Abby was filming her toddler son, Jagger, dancing around in their Brisbane home when a mysterious white light begun to zip around the room. (That ghost has got the moves like Jagger, etc etc.)

Amazingly, she managed to capture the light on her iPhone which she quickly uploaded to Instagram to ask her followers for their opinion.

Watch what happens when we send the Mamamia team ghost hunting. (Post continues after video)

“Help!!!!! Can anyone explain what flys (sic) past in this video???” she wrote.

“I only saw it when I watched it back not when I filmed it! And now my son keeps pointing behind me smiling when nothing is there…. Clearly we are moving house ????”


The white ball of light appears briefly in front of the camera before moving off again. We can only assume it to be the ghost of Patrick Swayze giving his blessings to young Jagger’s moves.

Her followers were divided in their opinion.

Gorgeous Abby is a Brisbane-based radio and TV host with two young sons, Jagger and Finlay. Certainly, she and husband Scott don't exactly seem like amateur ghost hunters... so, what creeped them out?

One follower was equally as freaked, commenting, "Coincidence?? I don't know. Heard it on the show this morning. The pointing and laughing sends chills."

But other followers encouraged the young mum to relax, suggesting, "An insect has flown past the camera and hasn't been in focus... Nothing to worry about."

After watching the video a few (too many) times, we still can't decide: Dust, Swayze, or ghostly orb.

You can watch the video on her Instagram here.

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