Brilliant: Anti-Abbott graffiti turned into a legitimate gallery-worthy work of art.

There is nothing worse than waking up and discovering that your house has been graffitied by inconsiderate delinquents.

That is, unless you are a bit of a genius.

A Melbourne man had his house vandalised by an anti-Abbott protester. His garage door was spray-painted by a quick-thinking, sharp-minded individual with the very intelligent witticism: ‘Hey Tony Fuck Fuck You’.


How did the garage owner respond to this? Cleaning it? Calling the police? Starting a manhunt for a blue-fingered culprit?

Nope. He ‘curated’ the artwork.

The owner stuck a plaque next to the graffiti ‘piece’, with a summary of the ‘cornflower blue spray paint on garage door’. He gave the graffiti-offender a pseudonym (Halfwit Simpleton), an artwork title (Idiotic Protest 2014), and a description of the piece:

“In Idiotic Protest, Simpleton juxtaposes the base stupidity of ruining people’s property along Easey street with the ignorant pointlessness of protesting Tony Abbott in the electorate that contains the lowest percentage of Abbott voters in the state.

The love heart adds a level of ambiguity to the piece: does the artist actually like Abbott, or is it perhaps a different Tony altogether? Is there significance in the repetition, or did the artist simply get confused and lose their way in such a long sentence? Like all great artIdiotic Protest leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.”

Touché. Garage curator, 1. Graffiti loser, 0.

Props to for uncovering this rather fabulous story.

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