Mortgage-payer Tony Abbott reckons Joe Hockey’s not out of touch.

UPDATE: Irrefutable proof from the PM that young people can buy houses.

Don’t worry, everyone.

According to our proud mortgage-paying PM, buying your first home while paying off a university debt is possible – just look at his daughter.

Mr Abbott pointed out that his daughter, Louise – holder of both “good” job and money – had bought a house in Canberra, The Courier-Mail reports.

Though he conceded his other two daughters were struggling to get a foot in the market (like the rest of Sydney).

Bridget Abbott lives with her parents in Kirribilli House (and pays $250 rent per week for the privilege) and Frances Abbott rents in Melbourne.

Mamamia previously wrote:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is standing by his man, denying Treasurer Joe Hockey telling first-home buyers to get a “good job that pays good money” was a gaffe.

Mr Abbott even showed he was just like us, saying that even as someone who ticked both those boxes, he has experienced mortgage stress and understands the financial pressure on Australian families.

According to Fairfax Media, Mr Abbott says he knows how hard it is for people wanting to buy a city home and noted he still has a mortgage.

“I’m someone who has, over the years, felt a bit of mortgage stress,” Mr Abbott said.

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“Even as a cabinet minister, sometimes it’s hard to pay a Sydney mortgage and I know over the years I’ve earnt a lot more than the average person,”

“The Abbott family certainly understands what it’s like to have a mortgage. We still have a mortgage – like so many Australians – and I’ve got three daughters, all of whom at some point soon either are getting into the housing market or are looking to get into the housing market.”

More excellent responses to Joe Hockey’s housing gaffe (post continues after the gallery):

Mr Hockey has been under fire for his comment, which has been likened to Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake”.

Fairfax Media reports Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has labelled the “out of touch” sentiment a test for the PM.

“I think it’s not even a matter for Joe Hockey apologising, he is what he is, he’s out of touch,” Mr Shorten told press.

“The test now is does Tony Abbott agree with Joe Hockey or does he agree with the outrage of Australian families who legitimately want to enter the housing market or indeed want to see their kids be able to afford to have a house in the future.”

Do not talk smack about my buddy, OK?

This book excerpt unearthed by political reporter Latika Bourke and shared on her Facebook page may not do much to douse the accusations that the Treasurer – who has refused to apologise for the comments – is living in his own bubble.

From Madonna King’s book ‘Not Your Average Joe’. Image via Facebook.

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