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The Bachelor's Abbie is proof we're still uncomfortable watching a confident woman on TV.

There’s just something about Abbie.

Perhaps it’s her propensity to announce her astrology sign at bizarre moments, or her ability to curate a “dog c***” scandal on national, prime-time television.

Or maybe it’s her sheer and unrelenting confidence and her determination to go after exactly what she wants?

Of course, I’m referring to Abbie Chatfield – the 23-year-old property analyst from Queensland – who’s a contestant on the 2019 season of The Bachelor.

Competing for Matt Agnew’s heart, and currently in his top three women, Abbie has been by far the most talked about contestant this season.

abbie chatfield
Abbie Chatfield is competing for Matt Agnew's heart on The Bachelor Australia 2019. Image: Channel 10.

As the 14 episodes have unfolded, Abbie has emerged as the primary plotline, and she's now stuck under an preposterous pile-on.

You see, she has displayed a dogged defiance in her pursuit for the astrophysicist's heart, and as she repeatedly declares, she's "only on the show for Matt".

The other contestants - Matt's 27 other girlfriends - have an issue with this.

"Abbie's doing everything in her power to get time with Matt," the other contestants say of their competition, and goodness, it's almost as though... she's on The Bachelor.

Watch: Abbie and Matt have formed a strong connection on The Bachelor. Post continues after video.

"She does not give a sh*t about girl code," Emma Roche stated on Thursday night's episode, referring to Abbie asking their shared boyfriend for a chat at the cocktail party before the other women had their chance.


"I would never be able to do that," Elly Miles admitted.

"Why would I send Matt over to speak to you, when we're in direct competition to fall in love with this man, because of a stupid arbitrary line," Abbie defended herself.

When we look at the crimes she's accused of committing, it's Abbie's sheer confidence that appears to be the most offensive. It's her confidence, that has been vilified.

Another of Abbie's apparent violations, are also the way in which she self-assuredly states that she's there to find love. "NO YOU'RE NOT," lament the other women.

abbie chatfield
When we look at the crimes she is accused of committing, it is Abbie's sheer confidence that appears to be the most offensive. Image: Channel 10.

Last Thursday night, contestant Elly explicitly told Matt she does not believe Abbie is here for "the right reasons". The implication: She's just here for the teeth-whitening sponsorships.

I'm not here to determine what exactly the property analyst's intentions were when applying for The Bachelor, but I hazard a guess she's aware of the Instagram influencing career that may come from being on the show. Just like every single reality TV contestant EVER. But that's irrelevant.

"I just don't think Abbie's taking this thing very seriously," Elly, 24, informed Matt on Thursday night's episode.

"Maybe she thinks she's ready to move to Melbourne, to settle down with you, and think about marriage and a family. And, like, she's convincing. But I don't think she's emotionally mature enough for that," Elly informed Matt.

Which leaves one more question... who is to decide when Abbie is ready for a child? That's not rhetorical. The answer is no one - except Abbie.

Again, it's Abbie's confidence in knowing what she wants that's been so threatening for her competition. She's simply pursued a man she would like to have a relationship with, and has not focused on obtaining girlfriends along the way. And as a result, she's at the bottom of a vitriolic pile-on - from contestants and viewers alike.

So please, enlighten me. Why are we so threatened by a confident woman, who knows exactly what she wants, on national television?

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