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1. ‘He said it off camera.’ There’s a reason Abbie was so confident Matt was going to choose her on The Bachelor.

Exactly one week ago today, the nation watched Abbie Chatfield get dumped by Matt Agnew in the incredibly intense season finale of The Bachelor. 

And now it seems we know the reason why Abbie was so confident that Matt was going to pick her in the end.

After Osher pulled that sneaky camera prank on us, we saw a blindsided Abbie get noticeably upset after Matt told her his heart belonged to someone else.

“Wait – wait, so you lied?” Abbie said as she let go of his hands.  “You should have sent me home weeks ago.”

Since the finale aired, Abbie has still been questioning why she was kept around until the very end, especially after the things Matt told her.

“Some things he said to me were also pretty intense, like on and off camera,” Abbie told news.com.au. “That was why I was like, ‘You should have sent me home earlier, you shouldn’t have brought me here’. Everything he was saying to me was sweet nothings.”

“I understand that he had a decision to make, but I just wish that he’d toned it back at the end. Because I have a feeling he would have known for a few weeks what he was going to do,” she added.

Abbie echoed the sentiments from her previous Instagram post, and described the moment she found out as a “complete and utter shock.


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The only way I can describe this moment is complete and utter shock. I was numb. I couldn’t and didn’t want to feel anything. I had felt for weeks that what Matt and I had was real and I trusted him wholeheartedly when he told me how he felt about me. From Hometowns, I forgot the cameras were there. It didn’t feel like we were filming a show at all, it felt like we had this real relationship built in a little bubble of “The Bachelor” and we would be out soon and able to live a normal life. Hearing Matt say “my heart is with someone else” reminded me that we were filming and that Matt had to make a difficult decision, and he did not see in me what I saw in him. I felt silly for ever imagining Matt would love me. It was like emotional whiplash. I was so confused and it felt like I was in a dystopian reality. The second the cameras turned off, I sobbed. I screamed. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t think think this would be how we would end. I spent weeks crying about this relationship that had almost no closure. I still haven’t fully healed from my relationship with Matt, but I know he and the gorgeous woman he is with are happy, and that’s all that matters. #thebachelorau

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Abbie also revealed that after telling Matt she loved him for the first time, Matt told her something that never made it to air.


“He actually did say something back, (but) they didn’t include it,” she said.

“He kind of did a lovely little speech and he said, ‘There are things I want to say but I can’t’.”

2. Osher Gunsberg just shared why he always whispers during Rose Ceremonies and it MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Throughout his time hosting The Bachelor franchise, Osher Gunsberg’s quiet and whispering ‘Rose Ceremony’ voice is as iconic as the reality series’ breakout personalities *cough* Vanessa Sunshine *cough* and perplexing group dates.

Currently hosting the magnificent beast that is The Masked Singer, Osher explained the reasoning behind his hushed, dulcet tones.

“On The Bachelor, I whisper because I am essentially attending a memorial service for someone’s romantic dreams,” he said, speaking to Mumbrella.

“Someone is getting their heart broken, so I’m very morose and very respectful of what’s happening,” he continued, adding that he only uses “10 per cent” of his voice during the Rose Ceremonies.

Fair enough.


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This season, the 45-year-old also shared with his Twitter fans the reason behind his signature slow diction, which as it turns out, has nothing to do with the contestants.


Mystery solved.

3. The Instagram post that has everyone thinking Dean Wells and Emma Roche are dating.

Two worlds of reality TV have collided, and we do not know how to feel about it.

Controversial 2018 Married at First Sight star Dean Wells, famously known for his short-lived marriage to Tracey Jewel, uploaded a photo to Instagram last night with Irish ex-Bachelor contestant Emma Roche, and the internet is going wild with speculation.


Wells captioned the image: “If anything good ever came of reality TV it’s meeting this amazing human and sharing a glass of @littlerippleswine #realitytvallstars.”

While both lucked out in the love department during their respective reality TV seasons, from the looks of this photo, appearing on national television has its positives.

Although nothing has been confirmed from either party, ex-MAFS contestants are fuelling the fire with congratulatory comments.

MAFS Comments
Ex-MAFS contestants also celebrated Dean's announcement. Source: Instagram.

We will be eagerly checking our Instagram for updates...

4. Ashton Kutcher may have just responded to Demi Moore’s claims he cheated on her.

Since releasing her memoir Inside Out, earlier this week, Demi Moore has given the world a glimpse into her troubling past, including her sexual assault, substance abuse and her relationship problems.

In particular, she has written about her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, who she says pressured her into having threesomes to supposedly stop him from cheating.

"I put him first. So when he expressed his fantasy of bringing a third person into our bed, I didn't say no. I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be," Moore writes in her memoir.

It now appears that Kutcher, who she was married to for eight year, has cryptically responded to the cheating claims.

But he's done so in some pretty cryptic tweets.

"I was about to push the button on a really snarky tweet," he wrote. "Then I saw my son, daughter, and wife and I deleted it."

After divorcing Moore in 2013, Kutcher went on to marry his previous co-star from That 70's show,  Mila Kunis. The couple now share a four-year-old daughter Wyatt and two-year-old son Dimitri.


Kutcher then followed up with another tweet that read,"Life is good-Larry Kutcher", in reference to his father.

But he didn't stop there. Kutcher posted a third tweet which seems to further cast doubt on the accusations.

It's still not clear if Kutcher was tweeting about his ex wife's cheating accusations or if he was just feeling particularly positive and truthful today.

Either way, Kutcher seems to not be making any direct comments on the matter as of yet.


5. The Bachelor's Helena has launched her own health coaching business. And experts are furious.

In the wake of any reality television finale, it’s not unusual to see contestants leverage their new-found fame to promote a new business venture.

But this week, there’s one venture in particular that’s been raising eyebrows, with some critics arguing that it’s peddling “dangerous” health advice.

It’s called The Weight Loss Trilogy, and it’s a business co-founded by 2019 Bachelor second runner-up, Helena Sauzier, along with her sister, Alexandra, and their GP mother, Dr Kathi Bleeker Sauzier.

helena sauzier weight loss instagram

The company currently operates via an Instagram account, and describes itself as: “One doctor. Two health coaches.⁣ Offering one-on-one coaching sessions.⁣ Weight loss⁣⁣. Healthy eating. Movement⁣⁣. Mindfulness⁣⁣. Well-being.”

In posts on the account, The Weight Loss Trilogy offers advice to that effect. Including one tip that’s been broadly slammed by followers and criticised by a number of professionals in the nutrition and mental health industries.

Alongside a cartoon that reads, “The perfect snack does not exist”, the company has penned a caption in which it “highly” discourages people from snacking between meals.

“The body needs to devote a certain amount of time to repair and maintenance. Critically, this cannot take place whilst you are also digesting food,” the post reads.

Read more about Helena's questionable new health coaching business, in our earlier article here. 

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