The most fabulous hair at the Dally M Awards didn't belong to a WAG.

We’ve seen plenty of coverage of last night’s NRL Dally M Awards red carpet. The fashion experts have retracted their claws, the best-dressed galleries have been scrolled through and the style pages have been printed.

But most of it seemed to miss something searingly obvious. The best hair on the red carpet.

It didn’t belong to a WAG, it didn’t belong to a TV personality. It belonged to an NRL player, and his name is Aaron Woods.

Fans of the code will be all too familiar with the 194cm West Tiger’s glorious, shoulder-length mane. And they will surely agree that it was at its sleek, glossy best last night.

Woods wore his hair swept neatly back off his face, accessorising perfectly with his trademark shiny, black headband.

(Okay, so we know we should be talking about the captain’s career/charity work rather than focusing on his appearance. But we’re going to go right ahead and treat him like a woman — he’s a big boy, he can handle it.)

Clearly we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the display. Social media users watching at home applauded the mop of the bearded “brunette”.

Some Twitter peeps were critical, though. Goodness knows why. We can only assume they are bald and therefore seethingly envious of the 25-year-old’s magnificent mane.

Don’t listen to them, Woodsy. They’re just jealous.

Also, while we’ve got your attention, what shampoo and conditioner do you use? Asking for a friend.

Feature Image via Getty.