Two celebrity couples welcome new babies into the world. Both choose peculiar names.

What do you get when a pop singer, a philanthropist, an actor and a Victoria’s Secret model walk into a maternity ward? Flippin’ strange baby names, it would seem.

This week, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren welcomed their first child. Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine and model, Behati Prinsloo welcomed their second.

But also, both made a decision to give their babies really bloody weird names.

And so the bamboozling fascination with celebs and nonsensical baby names continues.

First up, let’s discuss the Pauls, shall we?

These two announced the arrival of their first baby on Instagram earlier this week. They conveniently left her name out of the captions. (Rude.)


Thanks to the resourceful tabloid journalists at Blast, who obtained a copy of their child’s birth certificate, we now know the Pauls named their daughter… Story.

Story Annabelle Paul, to be precise.

As for Levine and Prinsloo, E News reports the couple also welcomed a baby girl, a younger sister to their first daughter, Dusty Rose.

They named their second daughter… Gio.

Gio Grace Levine.

Did anyone foresee this world we’re living in, where classroom roll calls sound like hipster crossword puzzles?

Listen: Can’t we just bring back normal baby names like Nigel? This Glorious Mess explains why that will never happen below…

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