We asked celebrities who they're fangirling over at the AACTA's. They didn't hold back.

ATTENTION READERS: It just so turns out that celebrities get starstruck by people of their own kind.

Who knew?

Mamamia took to the AACTA’s red carpet on Wednesday (that’s the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for those who have the time) to ask the celebs who they were fangirling over. And, well, they certainly didn’t hold back.

Quick question: while Lincoln Lewis is occupied with his deep-seated love for Sacha Baron Cohen, perhaps I can be occupied with my deep-seated love for him? And then my dog for me?

It’d be like a big ol’ fangirl train of admiration!

Lincoln, pal, let a gal know if you’re free.

Watch the video above to see what other A-listers sent our Aussie celebs into a right tizzy.

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