A word about comments and commenters…..and shoes.

Usually, I take Luca to buy school shoes like, the day before school goes back because I am that organised. I am always baffled by how empty the shop is. A couple of weeks ago, I took Coco to buy some shoes because she’d suddenly grown out of every shoe she owned and we were down to two pairs of faux Crocs (gasp, yes, I know, not even the real thing, worse than that….they were called Frogs or something and were $9.95 at Cotton On). Anyway.
This was a stupid, stupid idea. My timing sucked. Because the shop was full of organised parents who were buying their children school shoes in early January. Weeks before school went back instead of hours. Can you believe that? Apparently, this is when proper parents do such things. Who knew? Shocked and humbled, I took a number and perched on a horizontal surface that may have been a shelf, I’m not sure. And waited. And waited.

Just when I was losing the will to live, an extremely pretty girl with extremely cute children caught my eye and said “I am addicted to your blog, I read it every day”. I was thrilled by this because I had not washed my hair and possibly not showered because we’d gone for an early morning swim. I was wearing no make-up and bore approximately NO resemblance to the photo a the top of this website. It’s a miracle she recognised me.


Her name was Natalie (I think although I can’t be 100% certain BECAUSE I HAVE NOT SLEPT IN SIX MONTHS….but that’s another post) and she was there with two of her three children: Ashlee and a little boy who was adorable and I think his name was Dean. She had one other boy who wasn’t there – hey, we had a lot of time to chat during the 400 years we had to wait to be served – we covered many bases.



Natalie confessed that she always visited mamamia but never commented. And to Nat and all the others who visit but don’t comment, I say this: you are so welcome here and of course you don’t need to comment if you don’t want to. But why not give it a try? Honestly, it is so much fun, even I’ve started to comment.

I think a big part of what can be so hard if you work from home or study at home or are at home looking after kids or have a job you hate and visit this site instead of working when the boss isn’t looking is the isolation.
By joining in and commenting, you get to participate in a conversation with other smart, interesting people. At whatever time of day or night that suits you. You get to have a voice. Because this blog isn’t just about my opinions, it’s also about yours.
When I log in throughout the day, I get so excited to read your comments. It’s like dropping into a very honest, funny, insightful dinner party. Which is lovely because I can’t remember the last time I went to a real one of those.


To comment, you don’t have to use your real name or even give your real email address and I won’t contact you or add you to any annoying mailing address. Just get involved. Try it. Make it your new year’s resolution.

Oh, and I never did get those shoes. When it was FINALLY our turn, Coco tried on several pairs of shoes, insisted they were all “SOOO UNCOMFORTABLE” and refused to walk in any of them because “THEY HAVE TAGS”. As the pissed off sales assistant tried not to roll her eyes, I made a snap decision to avoid a melt-down, cut our losses and with a quickly mumbled apology, grabbed my child and bolted. Shoeless. God bless Crocs. Or Frogs. And bare feet.

The End.

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