A Vitamix worth $995 could be yours. For free

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I recently went on the most amazing holiday to America. Seriously a fantastic holiday seeing the most wonderful sights, shopping the coolest stores and hanging with my husband and son, which was bliss. But I also ate. A lot.  And it wasn’t pretty.

What is it about the Americans and cheese? And sugar?  There was very little that I could find that wasn’t covered in sugar or infused with cheese. Seriously I had a vegetarian burger that was made with a giant mushroom and the mushroom was filled with cheese INSIDE the mushroom. How did they even do that? And sugar – everywhere. The McDonalds kids meal comes with apples as a given. And caramel dipping sauce. Seriously? And they have giant toffee apples covered in caramel and chocolate. I kid you not. They have sugared the apple.

So I ate a lot of sugar and a lot of cheese and I put on a lot of weight and came home feeling sluggish and in need of real food.  Real food made without sugar and cheese.  And I got that feeling that I often get after bingeing that I wanted to eat food that would nurture me and fulfill me. I wanted to pack more nutrients into my day and eat food that was made naturally and didn’t contain a list of ingredients longer than the Bible.

Cue mad Googling and what did I find: one of my favourite places to go Table Tonic where I found this green smoothie (pictured on the right.)  And it sang to me.

I went straight to the shop and bought kale, flaxseed, chia, bananas, almonds and coconut juice.

My trolley looked so virtuous I was hoping to bump into lots of people. I didn’t. (How is it when my trolley is filled with chocolate, toilet paper and tampons I bump into everyone I once went to school with?)


I tried to make my smoothie when I got home from the shop but my husband, er, actively encouraged me to wait till the morning and make it fresh for breakfast.

I awoke eagerly and went to get my ingredients, it’s a quick job to make a smoothie really so I reckoned it would be an easy, excellent start to the day. I took out my normal blender and whooshked it up and nothing. Just sludge at the bottom and kale and almonds at the top.

So like any savvy woman would do I ran to Twitter and asked Louise from Table Tonic what to do.

She told me to add water and buy a Vitamix. I don’t have a Vitamix and I never had my smoothie.

Serendipity? Mamamia and Vitamix are giving away a Vitamix!

So I checked out vitamix.com.au

Did you know 85% of fruits most powerful nutrients are in the pulp, skin and seeds – the bits I normally throw away – these can all go into the Vitamix and are broken down to the cellular level unlocking the most important vitamins and nutrients. And it’s still smooth.

You have to see this video:


Sunshine Smoothie from Vitamix Australia on Vimeo.

So with a Vitamix I can get more out of my food than I normally would – and the Vitamix cleans itself! Why wouldn’t you want one?

But there’s only so many smoothies one girl can make but that’s cool because the Vitamix makes more than smoothiesit makes healthy meals, soups, sauces, dressings, sorbets and ice-cream.  It seems this Vitamix can do just about everything.

After you’re done you just whack in some water and a squirt of detergent, whiz it up for 15 seconds and it’s washed. Did I mention a seven-year warranty?

If you want to make healthy living easy, a Vitamix will easily become your most used and favourite kitchen appliance. All you need is a fridge full of fruit and veges and a Vitamix. I’m inspired.

There is a serious downside to this story: I’m not allowed to enter the competition. But you are. All you need to do is tell us:  What life moment triggered you to take your health more seriously and how might the Vitamix help?”

Then get your friends and family and other Mamamia readers to like your comment. The comment with the most thumbs up will win the Vitamix valued at $995

The competition closes at 5pm AEST on Monday 31 October 2011. The winner will be announced on this post. You must be a member of Mamamia to be eligible to win.

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