All the hidden signs in A Star Is Born that hint at the movie's unforgettable ending.

This post contains spoilers, a lot of spoilers. You have been warned.

WARNING: This post also deals with suicide, and may be triggering for some readers.

Now that we’ve all gathered ourselves from the ugly-cry inducing ending of A Star Is Born, it’s time to dissect every little detail in the film.

If you look closely, you’ll find there were hints at Jackson’s demise as early as 10 minutes into the film.

We’ve rounded up all the hidden signs that pointed at that tragic ending:

The billboard.

Right at the beginning of the film, Cooper gives us an Easter Egg that becomes a recurring theme throughout the movie.

We know from the opening scene that Jackson Maine is a pill-swishing, hedonistic alcoholic, but as he’s being driven back from his gig and on his way to a bar, he passes a neon billboard featuring three ‘pop-art’ nooses.

While at the time, it’s unknown to audience, this ultimately becomes how Jackson meets his tragic end.
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The lyrics in ‘Maybe It’s Time’.

Jackson sings this acoustic song as he’s waiting for Ally to change after her performance at the drag club and there are certain lines which heavily hint that it’s perhaps autobiographical.

He sings about his “past spirits” that he wants to bring back (possibly referring to his dad) and certain lyrics like “It takes a lot to change a man / Hell, it takes a lot to try, It takes a lot to change your plans/ Hella drain to change your mind”. And “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die”, speak to Jackson’s desire of redemption against his self-sabotaging ways.

A Star is born
Are you even a true A Star is Born fan is you haven't cried while listening to the soundtrack? Image: Warner Bros.

If you go through the soundtrack, a lot of the titles are also pretty morbid, especially given the film's plot. For example, Out Of Time, Diggin' My Grave - where Cooper literally sings "Put me in the ground/before we're through" -  Too Far Gone, Always Remember Us This Way and of course I'll Never Love Again.

Jackson on his childhood.

This pivotal moment in the film is the audience's clearest hint of what was going to come. While in rehab he tells the psychologist about his suicide attempt which involves a ceiling fan that came crashing down.


This is also of course how Jackson dies weeks out of rehab.

"I just want to take another look at you."

When Jackson first says the line, "I just want to take another look at you", Ally reciprocates by tracing her side profile and this ritual becomes a recurring bit in their relationship, however fans of the previous A Star Is Born remakes will understand its significance.

As Nicki Swift writes, "In the earlier films, Jackson utters those words before leaving Ally for what becomes the last time," as is what happens in this film when Ally tells him her European tour has been cancelled.

Jackson and Ally's dog. 

This one's a real tearjerker. While Jackson is away in rehab, Ally tells him their dog, Charlie, has been waiting at the front door for "Daddy to come home".

A Star is born dog
Charlie wins the award for most heartbreaking canine performance. Image: Warner Bros.

Later in the film when Jackson goes into the garage, Charlie - which is actually Cooper's real-life rescue dog - can be seen lying by the front door. He's also seen to continue to wait in the following scenes where Ally is grieving.

The final song: 'Always Remember Us This Way'.

Ally ends up singing this song at Jackson's memorial, but the fact that Jackson wrote the bones of the song way before his outburst at the Grammys and stint at rehab, hints at his negative head space.

Given the outcome of their relationship, the lyrics 'If I knew it would be the last time/I would've broke my heart in two/Tryin' to save a part of you,' hold even more meaning.

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