"I want people to remember a time of simple pleasures and joy in just being."


Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.)

The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here.

This week’s featured artists on the Voulez-Vous project are Anna Small and Warren Pickering, who make up A Small Art Factory.

Anna was originally interested in smaller scale work, and created hand-cut whimsical pictures in metal, and turned them into jewellery. Nowadays, she works on a much larger scale. Despite being made out of metal her sculptures – that depict scenes and objects from nature – are very fluid and natural.

“I enjoy the juxtaposition of hard material used to represent a subject matter that is organic and soft in its nature,” Anna says. “I like the physical aspect of the making process. Each piece is made with love, grunt and sweat.”

“When I am walking in nature or even driving and stopped at traffic lights I see wild flowers on the verge or the patterns in the branches of the trees. The play of shapes in the shadows mesmerise me. I see the possibilities of how I can interpret that into metal,” she explains.

In terms of what she wants people to take away from her work, Anna says that, “When looking at my work I want people to remember a time of simple pleasures and joy in just being. The feeling when watching and listening to wind whispering in a field. I want to capture their memories and take them to a happy place.”

If you’d like to see more of Anna’s work (or even consider purchasing a piece!) you can visit the webpage for a A Small Art Factory here, or the Facebook page here.

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