A note to all best men: The wedding is not about you.


One best man just took his speech way too far.

The best man’s speech is meant to be about the newlyweds.

Sure, it might include a few inappropriate jokes at the groom’s expense. But the point is to celebrate the couple, not to give the best man an audience for a work-in-progress stand up comedy show.

A best man in Northern Ireland has just taken things way too far.

Ciaran Morrison, 26, had only just stood up at his best friend’s wedding to make his speech when he revealed he’d forgotten it.

best man wedding


Then he ran out the door.

best man wedding

But don’t worry. He didn’t actually forget his speech and run away to cry. It was all an elaborate ruse!  A wedding video started playing in the reception venue – depicting Ciaran’s intense, Mission Impossible-style quest to retrieve his speech from home.

best man wedding

He struggled through the undergrowth.

best man wedding

He kayaked somewhere. For some reason.

best man wedding

He brought his kayak into the beach, even though he was in a lake before.

best man wedding

He galloped a horse across the sand.

best man wedding

He scaled a tree.

best man wedding

He stopped for a beer.

best man wedding

He finally arrived at his speech! Can it be over now?

best man wedding

No! It can’t! Now he has to wash his suit.

best man wedding

Now he’s just hanging around in his undies drinking tea.

best man wedding

Finally – FINALLY – he gets in a cab and goes back to the reception. Where he reappears in real life.

You can watch the whole video here: 

Am I the only one who found that whole thing completely unnecessary?

Yes, the best man got a standing ovation. But surely that isn’t the point.

Where were the well-wishes? Where were the touching stories? Where was the actual, human emotion that people want when they ask their dear friends to make a speech on their most important day of their lives together?

If that were my wedding, I’d be really disappointed. Because that video isn’t a touching tribute to a friend and his new wife. It’s a best man’s grab for attention on the one day that he really doesn’t deserve it.

Hilarious best man antics or way over the top? Let us know what you think. 

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