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A newlywed couple's photo accidentally suggests they do S&M. Oops.

There’s a lot of things that need checking before a wedding.

Invitations. RSVPs. The music. The vows. That the dress fits. That the wedding cake tastes nice. That frenemies are sitting close to each other but not directly next to one another.

But something ALWAYS slips through the cracks. And, seriously, how many nearly-weds check whether their names work well together both in their full form, and as initials?

This was the mistake that one couple recently made on their happy day, as they accidentally admitted that they ‘do S&M’.

As in, “Sadism and Masochism”. Oops.

After the picture was taken, it was reliably and quickly uploaded to Reddit. Understandably, the Reddit commenters had some beautiful things to say about the happy couple.

One user remarked on the fact that every couple does different things together, saying “Some people bond over church, others bond over sports, and a few bond over pain, either self-inflicted or inflicted on others.”

Another commented on the fact that the couple were probably meaning they do “Symphony & Metallica” instead.

It’s fairly similar to another wedding fail that made the rounds online recently, in which a couple posed lovingly in front of the word “ANAL”.

So romantic.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone planning a wedding to please give your names and initials to your dirtiest-minded friend for checking over before the big day.

You’re welcome.

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