A mum's photo of her 'perfect' post baby body has been shared over 115,000 times so far.

It’s a perfect response from her fans.

Musician and single mum, Kimberly Henderson has always been told that she had a ‘perfect’ body after giving birth to four kids. But the young mum didn’t think that was true for a long time.

The 26-year-old has admitted she struggled with her post baby body initially, but now embraces the changes and is proud of what her body has achieved.

On June 19 this year, she posted a photo on her Facebook page to show her fans that her ‘perfect’ body still has flaws like everyone else – and that’s something to be celebrated.

The photo has been liked by more than 115,000 people and shared over 11,000 times.

Kimberly Henderson and her post baby bod. Image via Kimberly Henderson Facebook page.

Henderson gained a huge online following in December last year, after she did a beautiful cover of Whitney Houston's How Will I Know that went viral.

And now the young mum is using her profile to make a positive impact on all mums. Because, we're all more beautiful than we think. (Post continues after video...)

With the photo Henderson wrote, "Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a "perfect" body after 4 kids. I decided to upload this pic and leave my belly 'unedited' 'unphotoshopped' because I used to struggle with accepting my body after kids."

The photo has been posted to let women know that even the 'perfect' post baby body has its beautiful flaws. Henderson explains that she had a six pack pre-babies and so initially struggled with the changes her body made after kids. She realised that no matter how much she worked out she couldn't tighten her loose skin or get rid of her stretch marks.

"And I'm ok with that because everyday I get to wake up to 4 beautiful smiling faces and I'm reminded that they are worth this flabby belly and they are worth these stretch marks," she wrote.

Kimberly with her beautiful kids. Image via Kimberly Henderson Facebook Page.

The online sensation told her followers that she still wears bikinis because being a mum makes her feel beautiful enough (without needing a flat tummy). She does admit though that it took her a while to get to that positive state of mind.


"I struggled so much with my body. I struggled so much because I was young and all these girls my age had perfect bodies and I was in my one piece bathing suit trying to hide all my flaws," she wrote.

In no way is the young mum trying to complain or say she has it worse than any one else. Her message is simple but strong - and so necessary.

"Just reminding you guys... That your body is beautiful... BECAUSE we ARE mums and we ARE superheroes and we freakin ROCK and in my opinion that is sexier than any 6 pack!"

Kimberly with her son. Image via Kimberly Henderson Facebook Page.

The musician spoke to Huffington Post who said, "She was inspired to post the photo in response to the many comments she often receives from fans and friends about how 'perfect' her post-baby body was. Because of my thin figure people don't think I have imperfections or insecurities," she told HuffPost. "I wanted to show other women that I am just like them -- stretch marks, loose skin."

The photo has since gone viral online and has received an abundance of positive feedback from both men and women. It's proof that the online world can be such a powerful place to show women that their body (all bodies) are beautiful - flaws, imperfections and all.

What do you struggle with most about your body? And how have you overcome the insecurity?

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