A model contest that’s superficial? No! I’m shocked.

Demelza and Alex

So Demelza – the one who bullied a fellow contestant to the point of trauma – and seemed to be auditioning for a part in the Mean Girls sequel throughout this series of Australia’s Next Top Model – won the prize.
On the night of the final, judge Kirstie Clements, Vogue Editor, made a showy point of not voting for Demelza, primly stating that her behaviour doesn’t sit well with the prestige brand values of Vogue. Fair enough.
Is this the same Vogue that features Naomi Campbell?

Today, there are editorials and comments on blogs and letters to editors protesting that the ‘bully’ won.

You know what astonishes me? That anyone is surprised that the girl won. It’s a MODEL CONTEST. Not Australian of the Year. The whole reason I think model contests are apalling is that they judge PURELY on looks.
The fashion, beauty and magazine industries do not care if you are a nice person or a kind person or a complete bitch with two horns and a forked tongue.

That’s why model contests are so appalling. There is no professional
punishment for bad behaviour (hello Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell) and
models are just that. Models. NOT role models.
Modelling is 100% superficial. That’s the whole point. Scratch the surface and there is more surface.
if you’re going to watch a model contest, don’t be surprised or
outraged when the "prettiest" girl (judged by some of-the-moment
standard) wins. Not the nicest girl. Not the smartest girl. The
Sad and simple.

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