'Prankster' hacked off his girlfriend's long hair while she slept.

It seems couples pranking each other, filming it, and hurriedly putting it on the internet is all the rage right now.

Enter: Brad Holmes.

You might recognise Brad from his first viral prank video, where he ever-so-charmingly staged a fake marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Jenny Davies. In case you missed it, Brad was seen popping down on one knee with a little shiny box in his hand, telling an excited Jenny he wants her to “make him the happiest man in the world”, before opening the box to reveal a tea bag… not an engagement ring.

His big question? “Will you make me a cup of tea?”

See? Positively freakin’ charming.

If you weren’t a big fan of Brad after his first video (we wouldn’t blame you), you’re definitely not going to warm to him after his latest claim to online fame either. Because what Brad has gone and done now is so incredibly intrusive viewers have labelled it “abusive” and suggested it was an act of domestic violence.

"What have you done to my hair?" (Images via Facebook)

In the video, Brad can be seen parading the scissors in front of the camera before hacking off his girlfriend's long, thick plait while she sleeps on the couch. Brad coaxes Jenny awake explaining he has a "present" for her, clutching the plait in his hand before throwing it at her.

Posting the footage to Facebook, Brad reasoned with appalled viewers "I thought my girlfriend needed a haircut."

"I should be a barber shouldn't I?" He muses while she looks down at her lap in disbelief.

As she screams "what have you done to my hair?" Brad chortles and giggles, when she cries "get out of my life" his delight only intensifies.

Responses to the video have been widely divided, some postulating the prank is a fake, others calling it good humour, most in disbelief that a boyfriend would do that to his partner.

Both men and women gathered to slam Brad's actions as childish and abusive.

Screengrabs via Facebook.

Brad is apparently surprised by just how many people are unsupportive of his latest video, responding to angry commenters that he "love(s) Jen more than words can explain" and has "booked her hair appointment" already.

Screengrab via Facebook.

But while Brad doesn't quite see the error in his ways, he did admit that he's "still got a lot of making up to do".

What do you think? Is this prank funny, or downright abusive? Let us know in the comments.

You can watch the 'prank' in full below.