"There’s a lot about my life that has changed since having a baby."

It’s morning and I drag my sorry a** around the house (easier said than done in the final trimester of pregnancy number 2 with severe pelvic pain) to tend to my toddler’s stinking nappy and get him breakfast.

An hour later, there’s pee on the floor thanks to said toddler’s newfound ability to take his own nappy off, banana smeared on the walls, fingerprints all over the windows and so much crap in the kitchen I can no longer see the actual bench. Despite the fact that I cleaned the entire house just before bed last night.

There’s a lot about my life that has changed since having a baby.

There’s a lot about my life that has changed since having a baby. Image via iStock.

Strewn across the floor is a belt, coathanger, hairbrush, dishwasher manual, shoes and various plastic containers – because the child has decided mum and dad’s stuff is way more interesting than his and insists on continued rifling through drawers and cupboards. Note to self, buy yet more baby proofing.

There’s a lot that’s different these days.

Pre-baby, I was all about my career and climbing the corporate ladder. Days began with a leisurely gym session then an hour or more of primping. The house was exactly as I left it the night before, neat and tidy. I would dress to impress – corporate attire, heels, freshly coloured hair, and the best makeup. I’d strut into meetings with confidence and fully prepared.

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Nowadays, that strut has been replaced by a ‘pregnancy swag’ (let’s not call it a waddle, people). Instead of a day of back-to-back meetings, I head out with a pram loaded to the hilt and toddler in tow, seeking much-needed caffeine and the nearest playground so he can blow off steam. In the street, people glare and reluctantly get out of my way, like I’m offending them with my pram, belly and toddler ("no no, let ME go around YOU, you carefree 20-something!").

Corporate power suits have been replaced by Cons, jeans (if you’re lucky, leggings are more likely), a bally jumper, haphazardly applied concealer and a top knot. Don’t get me wrong, I TRY to put in effort towards my appearance – I just don’t SUCCEED in actually getting the time to put in that effort.

There’s a lot that I miss.

"My strut has been replaced by a ‘pregnancy swag’." Image via iStock.

Order and prettiness were always important to me, fueling an obsession with cleaning and homewares. Now, there’s nothing pretty in our house below 1 metre in height. ‘Styling’ our home has become a mission to find solid furniture that can’t be tipped, glued down picture frames and non-breakables.


Speaking of breaking, there’s a lot to cope with.

I used to handle stress easily. Now, on one of ‘those’ days where nothing with my child goes right' I can sometimes feel like it’s Groundhog Day and there’s no outside world. Little things can get blown way out of proportion (“OH NO, I forgot to get an ingredient for dinner, how on earth am I going to get to the shops this afternoon with this sick and whiney toddler who won’t sleep, it’s so hard to find a park and my back is killing me…”)

But these aren’t the only things that have changed. So has my attitude.

"But these aren’t the only things that have changed. So has my attitude." Image via iStock.

Gone is the cold-hearted career-obsessed single woman. Now, my heart explodes on a daily basis. Yes, some days it’s with frustration or sheer exhaustion, but many times it’s with happiness.

There’s been a lot of adjustment in ditching my full time career to be a stay at home mum – joy, tears on tears, pain, sorrow, wonderment, expanding hearts, identity crisis’ and more.

But there’s also been a lot of love. Creating a little human and making the journey through life as a family is true and utter happiness.

Yes, a lot has changed. But would I trade any of it? Hell no, chaos and all.

What changed the most in your life since becoming a mum?

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