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"Dear Sam Frost: we're with you."

Dear Sam,

We know you’re probably elbows deep in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s right now, but we had to let you know something: we’re with you.

We’re with you as you pick yourself up off the floor, wipe your tears away, and take a deep breath. We’re with you as you wait for the country to learn your news. We’re with you as you prepare to go into 2017 as an independent, strong, remarkable woman.

Breakups are not easy. Actually – scratch that – they’re really bloody hard. And when you’re one part of the nation’s most recognisable couple? They’re nearly impossible.

We say “nearly”, of course, because we know that as difficult as losing love is, this will not ruin you. This will not define you, nor will it destroy you. Over time, it will build you up, and make you even more indestructible.

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Until then? There is medicine in the form of chocolate, wine and tea. There is a sounding board in the form of your friends and family. There is distraction in the form of your glittering career. There are so many hot baths and big hugs and fabulous blow waves to be had.


You may have many Bridget Jones-esque moments. You may ugly cry for days, even weeks, on end. But there is one undeniable definite: you will get through this. And on the other side? You’ll be even better – even more authentically you.

Take this time to nourish your body, heart and soul. Allow yourself to grieve the relationship that ended, and to cherish the things you’ve learned along the way.

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When you’re ready, dust yourself off, wriggle your shoulders and hold your beautiful head high.

We can’t wait to see what you do in 2017, because we know whatever it is, it will be wonderful.


All of us.

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