"To my partner: I’m not the same person you first met."

To my partner,

I’m not the same person you first met.

I am heavier, I have more scars, and they’re not just on my skin. That’s okay.

My hair is messy, hardly tamed, has no moisture and always looks like I have just been electrocuted. That’s okay.

My clothing size is now double digits. I search and search for clothes that cover my arms and knees. That’s okay.

"I search and search for clothes that cover my arms and knees." (Image: supplied)

I am not as motivated as I use to be, I puff when I work out. My body aches from excess weight. That’s okay.

I argue with you, we fight. That’s okay.

We don’t always go for dates like we used to. That’s okay.

I have bags under my eyes, my pores are open, my skin isn’t as soft. That’s okay.

I spend more time in my pyjamas... and not because we are having a movie night. That’s okay.

I struggle with mental health. That’s okay.

You have stood by me, watched me go down a steep hill and into a very dark hole and picked up all my broken bits. That wasn’t fair.


You stopped me from doing the unthinkable. You saved my life. That wasn’t fair.

I have relied on you too much. That wasn’t fair.

You have been my only friend at times, held my head high, got me through my pain and told me everything was going to be okay. I thank you.

"You have been my only friend at times..." (Image: supplied)

You are my best friend.

We sometimes take our partners, loved ones and husbands for granted in the heat of the moment when they do something wrong. We think they are selfish and we often forget about everything they have ever done for us. Why we are here and how we may not be here if it wasn’t for them.

I’m not the same person you met, I am a better person because I have had you by my side making me into something stronger. Someone unbreakable.

To my partner: Thank you, I love you.

This post originally appeared on Ash Frances' personal blog. You can read more from her here and follow Ash on Instagram here.