The Modern Mumma: A letter to my little humans.

Isn’t it strange. Children; “little humans” who will one day be older humans, adults. You sometimes forget that they won’t always be this age, and when you remember, it’s a strange thought.

I think of all these things I would want to my children to know about being an adult.  I decided I would write them down so when they’re old enough they could read them and hopefully understand that sometimes their mother was right.

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- The world is full of good people. Don't let the small minority ruin your thoughts on other cultures and countries.

- Hate is such a powerful word. It shouldn't be thrown around freely.

- You’re entitled to feel the way you do about things. Sometimes people won't agree and that’s ok. We aren't all made to be the same.

- Your opinion matters but that doesn't mean it is asked for at certain times.

- There is the truth, the other side of the truth and then the actual truth. Don't believe everything you hear. Never be too quick to take sides.

- Love is powerful and it will make you want to do crazy things.

- Raising a fist is never ever the answer. Walking away makes you the bigger person. However, always defend yourself.

'We love you that much it can hurt.' Image supplied. 

- Learn to appreciate the life you've been given. We’ve worked hard to give you what we can. It may not be as much as someone else, but it's enough.

- We love you that much it can hurt.

- Your heart will one day be broken. Don't do revenge, just accept and move on.

- The amount of times I made you cry, you made me cry more. Endless hours I have cried over you, for you and with you. You’re my heart that lives on the outside of my chest.


- Learn to love yourself. One of the hardest things to learn.

- Accept others for who they are. Never ever try and change someone to suit you. Never change yourself to suit someone else.

- Love yourself. It scares me to think that one day you won't see what I see. You didn't get to see yourself through my eyes as you've grown up. So free and happy. You truly are the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

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- Be equal. Treat your partner how you would hope someone would treat your siblings.

- Care for others. Think before you speak. Always offer you seats to the elderly or pregnant ladies. Actually anyone who needs it more than you. Open the doors for others. Say thank you and you're welcome. Smile to strangers. And if someone needs help assist them where you can.

- Find your people and you'll blossom.

- Everyone is just winging it at life. None of us know what's going to happen or when.

- Always remember I can be wrong, I can be frustrating, I can be like spilt milk in your car I will linger and suffocate you BUT I mean well. I won't mean to cause you grief. I won't mean to wake you up on your only day off. Just stay in contact, let me know you're okay. Visit once in a while. And always kiss me goodbye. Because one day it will be me you're missing in your life. And that scares me.

Love your over bearing, over sharing Mother.

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