A French woman shows us how to wear scarves. Chic-like.

There are so many experts in so many things, just waiting to share their expertise with those of us who don’t have a clue. Even if you don’t wear scarves, have no interest in scarves, spend every day in your pyjamas or a prison uniform, I guarantee there is something hypnotic and heaven about watching these videos (found by MM’s site co-ordinator Nicky in her Interweb travels).

Nicky writes: I am a little bit obsessed with Liberty’s resident scarf expert, Lauranne. I love her accent and the way she pronounces lib-bair-tee and frou-de-loops. I thought this would be great to share, since Mia’s scarves always get lots of comments, most recently on her interview with Julia Gillard.

How to tie The Chiffon Knot:

How to tie the Oversized Scarf:

How to tie the Plait:

The Plait seems a bit tricked up for me, but did you find it useful? And do you have a particular item of clothing that people always comment on?

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