An intimate video chat with Lisa Wilkinson.

How much do I love this woman? It seems I’m not the only one. Many of you – ever since I began Mamamia – have been asking for some Lisa action. And last week, when we were both speaking at a debate (entitled, amusingly “Nice Girls Finish Second”) where we were on opposing teams (I was on a team with Lisa’s husband. Lisa’s team won), I grabbed her for 10 minutes before the debate and plonked her in front of my dinky camera.

The Today Show, it wasn’t, but what it was was a side of Lisa her friends know and love but you won’t have seen before. I think you’re going to enjoy this one…

We discuss how she met her husband, how she met me (equally as momentous in her life ;) ), how he proposed, how we went from being boss/fan to friends, how she knew it was time to leave magazines….and many other things.

And there’s a special cameo by someone at the end…

We had a lot more to talk about but this was all the time we had. I’m going to go to her house and do more if there’s other things you’d like me to ask her about (can’t promise because we DO tend to go off on tangents….).

She’s also going to swing by and reply to comments if you have any…..

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