13 movies you were definitely obsessed with if you’re a 90s kid.

Upon quizzing my colleagues for their favourite 90s throwback movies, I've unearthed some deeply disturbed trauma from our collective childhoods. 

Why, please, did a large portion of '90s movies GIVE US ALL NIGHTMARES?

I am looking at you ET, Hocus Pocus and A Little Princess???

Watch: The seven best on-screen cries. Post continues after video.

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I still remember crying hysterically during A Little Princess, so much so my parents couldn't even mention the name for a good few years there. Ah, the mems. 

But enough tears, let's get into the 13 movies that were most definitely on your rotation if you were a kid in the 90s.

1. Matilda. 

I don't know about you, but as a 30-year-old adult I still remember every single line from Matilda....

I was quite literally obsessed, and would watch it on videocassette (REMEMBER THOSE?), every damn weekend in the mid-90s. 

The amount of times I tried to move things with my eyes as a kid... 


Pretty sure we taped it off the TV (REMEMBER DOING THAT?), so you had to fast-forward through the Lube Mobile ad to get to the opening credits. 

2. Harriet The Spy.

I remember thinking this movie was really cool when I was a kid. I loved words and writing and investigating... and I also kept a diary. 

Soz, I am busy...spyin' 

But in hindsight, Harriet was... really mean?! And so were her friends. Probs best Harriet The Spy remains in 1996.

3. The Lion King.

Name a 90s child who has not seen this movie. I'LL WAIT. 

Looking back, this movie was horrific. Simba watched his Dad fall to his death by stampede... that's some heavy sh*t. 


Pretty sure I was too busy dancing along to Timon and Pumbaa to notice. But devastation aside, this movie remains a classic. 

Long live the King! 

4. The Land Before Time.

According to a source of mine, every person who has ever studied conservation biology was directly influenced by this movie. 


I jest, but seriously, how GOOD was The Land Before Time? We learnt things and fell in love with a tiny dinosaur called Ducky. 

5. The Parent Trap.

Ah, the Lindsay Lohan glory days. 


I remember being mind blown when my parents told me Hallie and Annie were played by the same person. WILD. 

Anyone else curse their sibling for not being a twin in the 90s? Sigh.  

6. The Borrowers.

Okay who else tried to catch 10cm tall people stealing bits and bobs from their bedroom after watching this? 

I had a weird obsession with 'tiny people' movies as a kid... think Honey I Shrunk The Kids and The Indian in the Cupboard. Anyone else?

Also, WTF, since when was Tom Felton in this movie?!?

 It's Tom... WTF. Image: Working Title Films.  

7. Babe.

Loved a talking animal movie. Bloody frothed on them. And Babe was one of the best, as was Babe: Pig in the City.

A goddamn classic.  

8. Ferngully.

Oh my gosh, swoooon.

Pretty sure Zack was one of my first true loves. What a dream-boat.

I spent a lot of my childhood being attracted to bout you? 

9. Jumanji.

Okay Jumanji was scary, and yet we all watched it on repeat. It was a true adventure film for kids, and nothing says 90s movie like Robin Williams. A true legend of nailing kid humour. 

Why are kid's movies so weird? I do not remember these scenes... 

10. Toy Story.

Talking toys... an extension of talking animals. Loved it sick.

To infinitttyyyyyyyy, etc etc.  

11. A Bug's Life.

How. Good. Was. This. Movie.

Looking back this animation was pretty fancy for a 90s film. 

It was bloody funny, super clever and dang cute. A winner in many a 90s household. 

Remember Flik?? 

12. Stuart Little.

And we're back to talking animals. BUT CUTE TALKING ANIMALS, that you can dress in tiny dressing gowns. 

I don't want to imagine the conversations we all had with our parents about wanting to adopt... mice. 

13. The Little Mermaid.

I, like most little girls in the 90s, thought Ariel was bloody beautiful. 

A vision. 

Allow me to crush your childhood for a hot second. Ever since my colleague wrote this article, 'The original Little Mermaid was not fit for children. Not even a little bit.' in 2019, I haven't stopped thinking about. 

To summarise; apparently sea foam is dead mermaids... and in the OG Little Mermaid Ariel... dies. 


What's your favourite '90s kid movie? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature image: Pixar/Netflix/Universal Pictures/TriStar/Getty.

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