Gird your scalps: the scary, spiky hairband from the 90s is back.

A long, long time ago in the late 1990s something terrible happened.

Women around the western world started scraping their hair back from their faces using what could only be described mini-Middle Ages torture instruments.

I’m talking about these little guys:

Yep, the plasticy toothy hairbands that would pull back your hair but take off half your scalp in the process.

And now, just when we thought we had left behind the headaches and constant scalp itching, the little, erm, pricks are making a comeback.


They’ve popped up on the catwalks at New York Fashion Week which pretty much means they’ll be attaching themselves to our very own scalps before we even have time to say, “No thank you, sir, you’re weird and pointy.”

We must pray for our scalps, each and every one of us.