Our favourite playground treats are dropping like flies and it's all our fault.

Remember when nutritional value meant nothing and the tuck shop was essentially a dollar store for junk food?

The company behind Sunnyboys announced the icy treats have been cut from production and we are Adele levels of sad.

Okay so they largely tasted like ‘fruit drink’ dad left in the darkest crevasse of the freezer but that’s not the point.

They were our fruit-freezer-drink.

We’ve decided to torture ourselves further with a list of some of our other favourites. Rest in peace, not-so-great treats. Rest. In. Peace.

Sunny Boys

I want to say I truly loved you but I know deep down I didn’t. You are the high school boyfriend of the confectionery world.


I would trade a whole sandwich for somebody’s pack of Incredibites. Nineties schoolyards were rough, guys.

Strawberry Dunkaroos

You are correct, Lomz Speight V, Dunkaroos are still available but the strawberry flavour you so desperately long for? GONE.

Potato Smiles

Source: McCain/Change.Org.

There are several online campaigns that ask for McCain to bring these back to Australia but our shelves remain: ):

Milo Bars

Source: Wikipedia/Nestle.

Milo bars shoved into ice cream tubs to make little powdery teepees were about as close as my mum let me get to music festivals.


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Polywaffles were average AF but perhaps my palate was too immature to really appreciate the flavour.

Paddle Pop Thickshake

Source: Streets Ice Cream Archive.

A $1.50 would get you two licks of an ice-cream nowadays.

Calippo Shots

Source: Facebook/Fox FM.

I used to eat these after tennis lessons and immediately cancel out any health benefits.


Source: Wikipedia.

The cigarette-inspired candies that were later re-branded to 'Fads'. I can't imagine why.

Excuse us while we compile a playlist of ballads (okay, so just Adele).

Feature image via Twitter: @pangasT.