11 things from the '90s that need to make a comeback. Now.

Face it: The 90s were a simpler time, when a few butterfly hair clips and an inflatable lounge or two were the height of sophistication.

We’re about to see a new Jurassic Park movie. Scream is being made into a tv show. And a walk into any toy store will tell you that troll dolls are back. All that got us thinking – what other 90s trends and icons do we need to see back in our lives?

If you were a ’90s kid, chances are you were a big fan of all 11 items on this list.

It’s time to bring them back…

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

No ’90s-related post is ever complete without a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reference, and with good reason: It is the undisputed best show of all time.

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Plus, Will Smith hasn’t aged a day since 1991 so he could effortlessly step back into the role.

And there is definitely an appetite for the Fresh Prince’s return, as this unsuspecting news anchor found out this week when he took a call from someone whose story sounded strangely familiar…

2. Inflatable furniture.

A purple inflatable couch was all I wanted for the Christmas of 1998. And I wouldn’t be against replacing my current Ikea sofa with one of these bad boys right now.

See? Hils was a fan too.

3. Salt-N-Pepa.

The jams. The attitude. The matching outfits. Need we say more? Plus they just don’t make music like that anymore. Quite literally, they don’t. Salt-N-Pepa have become quite devout Christians and now tone down their lyrics at their live performances. Theses days, they are decidedly PG rated.

Bring back SnP’s dirty beats and even filthier bump and grind.

4. Hypercolour everything.

It was CLOTHING that CHANGED COLOUR. It was like a mood ring, but for your clothes. The novelty never wore off. Let’s bring it back. And not just on clothes. How about hypercolour toilet seats, so you know whether you’re going to sit on one that is going to be…warm.

It was like magic, for your clothes.

5. Douggie the Pizza Delivery Guy.

Oh Douggie, you lovable rogue. Come back to us. Today’s ads are so boring without your swagger.

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Fun fact: The guy who played Douggie, Diarmid Heidenreich, served 77 weekends of periodic detention in jail for a drug offences. It’s probably why he was so into pizza.

6. Sun in.

Getting your hair bleached at the salon is for chumps. Why sit there for hours when you could fry your own hair in the comfort of your own home?

Who needs balayage?

7. JTT.

Be still, our pre-pubescent hearts. JTT (or Jonathan Taylor Thomas to the uninitiated) graced the covers of millions of textbooks in the ’90s.

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Did you know he has a PhD now? Babin’ AND smart. It’s time for him to return to our screens.

 8. Doc Martens.

Alas, I was never cool enough to own a pair, and now no one seems to wear them anymore. Admit it – they were just the coolest.

You either owned a pair, or wished you did.

9. The Rachel.

Never has a hairstyle produced so much envy and so many copycats. The layers, the foils. Move over, Lob. Give us back The Rachel.

10. Batsh*t crazy hair accessories.

Butterfly clips. Daisies. Crimping. ’90s hair was nothing if not creative. Is anyone else feeling like their hair accessory game has become a little dull?

At least ’90s hair wasn’t boring.

11. Buffy.

There will probably never be another female heroine as awesome as Buffy. Admit it – she made you want to stake people in the heart, no? Leave the kids and Freddie and come back to us, SMG.

Which other 90s trend/icon/icecream do you think needs to make a reappearance?