9 school holiday activities driving us all nuts.

School cannot go back soon enough.

School holidays are awesome.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Regular school holidays are long enough but Christmas school holidays are like The Hobbit of school holidays.  If you didn’t see the movie, they are very long. And there are three of them. In short, they (the movies and these school holidays) feel like they’ll never end.

With two weeks to go, it feels like the kids hit the repeat button every morning.

There is so much I would rather do instead of partaking in any of these school holiday activities again. Like poke myself with a needle in the eye or rip out my hair strand by strand. I’d even offer to walk a fire walk of small Lego pieces.

How all parents feel on school holidays.

Beach/Pool /Waterpark – any activity that requires a second set of clothes is a pain in the arse. Couple that with an activity that sees you outside in the sun for hours on end and you have half dressed cranky, hot, tired, sunburnt kids and parents. Not fun.

A trip to the park – Sure swings are fun but do you need to sit on it long enough to bring in 2016? No, no you do not. Go on the slide and let mummy have a rest once in a while (or learn to swing yourself).

Watch Frozen (or any kids movie for 6 millionth time) – It is 12 months old. Twelve months. Pick something new, dammit.

Baking - Yes it's fun, and delicious, but it is soo messy. The kids make more mess than my fiance does when he cooks dinner.

Painting – “Mum he’s mixing the colour wrong.” “Mum the wind blew my paper.”  “Mum the water is icky.” Not even the washable paint made the exercise worth it. My poor poor paint covered deck. Please tell me ‘murky mixed browny-puple’ is the new interior must have colour?

Play with Kinetic sand – they lied. It’s messy. So messy. I think we’ve lost half of ours to our kitchen floor.

Shopping – there is a reason I do my groceries on school days. Groceries with kids takes twice as long and costs ten times as much. And thanks for the giant early displays of Easter Eggs supermarkets. NOT.

Have a play date – I have to entertain my own kids at home for six weeks, I don’t need yours as well.

Back to school shopping – the stationery I can handle but hitting insane crowds to source the perfect Ninja Turtle lunch box and Frozen library bag is torture. And they didn't have a Batman bag, you’ll just have to deal with it kid.

What activities are driving you nuts these holidays? Is there anything you would add to the list?

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