9 of the strangest marriage customs from around the world.

Australians are boring when it comes to marriage. Our proposals and wedding traditions are so clean and civilised. The diamond rings and the ceremonies and the bended knees.

In some parts of the world, wedding traditions involve more extreme (seductive?) measures. Think frog foot massages and china doll gifts. Some brides might consider running (or ducking!) if this LifeBuzz list of strange marriage traditions is anything to go by.

1. SCOTLAND: “The Blackening of the Bride”

This Scottish marriage tradition involves the impending bride (and sometimes groom) being ambushed by friends who throwing food and other rubbish all over them. Rotten eggs and fish feature heavily in the tradition that’s called the “Blackening of the Bride”.

Scottish wedding tradition "Blackening of the Bride". Image: YouTube

2. FIJI: Whale teeth anyone?

A Fijian wedding tradition involves the gifting of a necklace made out of whale teeth. In fact, the tradition states that the potential groom must present his future bride's family with this necklace before even asking her for her hand in marriage.

Stay still Willy, this won't hurt a bit. Image: iStock

3. CHINA: Angry bridesmaids

You don't just marry the bride, you also marry her friends which is why this Chinese marriage tradition makes quite a lot of sense. The groom is meant to break through a human wall of bridesmaids to prove how much he loves her.

'Hand me my bride.' Image: iStock

4. MAURITIUS: Force-feeding

Forget the bridal diets. In Mauritius curvier brides are more attractive which is why engaged women used to be regularly force-fed by their families. Bring on the ribs!

Bridal diets are the worst. Image: iStock

5. WALES: Love spoons

Some brides like diamonds, others like flashy cars, and then some prefer an intricately carved wooden spoon. In Wales, a hand-carved wooden spoon given to a bride by a man is the ultimate act of love.

And not a diamond in sight. Image: iStock

6. PUERTO RICO: Creepy dolls brides

This isn't creepy at all. In Puerto Rico, a doll dressed as a bride is placed at the head of the table during the wedding reception and then little charms are put all around it to inspire good fortune for the couple.

Creepy doll anyone? Image: iStock

7. AMERICAN SOUTH: One, two, three, JUMP!

"Jumping the broom" is a tradition that originated in America's deep south whereby the bride and groom jump over the broom after the ceremony in order to signify moving forward together for life. No idea why a broom is chosen, but as far as we can tell it's got nothing to do with who is going to use it to do actual housework.

It's nothing sexist, we promise. Image: iStock

8. SOUTH KOREA: A foot-beating with fish and frogs

This is no fish-foot-facial where those cute little fish nibble all the dry skin off your feet. This is a South Korean tradition that involves the impending groom having his feet beaten with fish and frogs. It happens the night before the wedding day and symbolises the groom's strength of character.

Dead fish are not just for eating. Image: iStock

9. FRANCE: Down the toilet

Saving the best for last... In France, the happy couple is meant to drink any remaining alcohol out of a toilet bowl. Thank goodness they use a clean, replica toilet bowl. Phew. Not weird (or disgusting) at all.

It's not your life you're flushing away. Image: iStock

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