80 y/o Florence Henderson talks about her sex life. Makes prudes of all of us.

Florence Henderson, beloved mother Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch, has revealed she has a friend with benefits.

Just 16 days shy of her 81st birthday, Carol Brady Florence Henderson has made prudes out of all of us by telling Closer magazine about her delightfully naughty personal life.

Explaining “I actually have a friend with benefits!” (a chiropractor, apparently), she also added, “I really enjoy his company, but I am sure he sees other people, as I do.”

And this is about the time some seriously insightful and not the slightest bit Carol Brady-esque truth bombs started falling.

Like Henderson addressing the big taboo that is ‘old people’ and sex, saying “It’s foolish to think that older people don’t enjoy sex. It’s a big myth”.

“There is no age limit on the enjoyment of sex. It keeps getting better. You learn to do things with more experience, intelligence and the ability to choose more wisely.”

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Although Henderson feels sex for her has improved over her lifetime, apparently this is not the case for men her age. Often dating men in their 60’s, she explained it’s not ideal, “I like to date younger men because they need to keep up with me.”

Too right Florence.

Florence, who has been married twice before and has four children with ex-husband Ira Bernstein, has previously spoken about the STD she contracted after a one night stand with a politician.

Why did she speak about this? Because she is a fearless sex warrior.

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This is a lot to process, we know.

So we leave you with this G-rated, far less fun version of Florence Henderson.

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