8 of the best hiding spots for treats so the people you love can NEVER EVER find them.

I tell my children and my husband that they can eat whatever they like from the fridge and pantry as long as they eat some of it, not all of it.

I may as well be talking to the wall.

I’m personally offended by their combined habit of eating all the fun-size Mars Bars, every last Malteser and all the Hokey Pokey ice-cream. If they left just one Mars Bar, just a handful of Maltesers or even a small scoop of Hokey Pokey ice-cream (with at least two actual hokey pokey bits in it) there never would have been an issue. I wouldn’t have had to take this so far.

It wouldn’t have become so serious.

Here are my 8 tried and true BEST hiding spots for your favourite treats so your children and husband don’t eat them all, ensure you can continue to love them.

1. With the pet food

After the first month of pet ownership, when the kids no longer help look after the dog/cat/bird/fish, the pet food cupboard becomes the perfect hiding spot for treats. This is a great space for share pack treats because you can slip it in among the pet food treats and if the kids find it you can pretend you put it there by accident when you were putting the pet treats away.

How to make cake in a mug, for when all the treats are gone. Article continues after this video.

2. Between books on the book shelf

This is a great space to hide blocks of chocolate, particularly blocks of Lindt because it is so narrow. Cadbury’s is a bit too thick for this hiding spot. It’s also good for Golden Roughs and Mint Patties because once again they are quite slim and flit nicely between the books. Try and choose books that are of a similar colour to the wrapper of the chocolate.

3. In other food wrappers


Cadbury’s is hard to hide. It’s in purple packaging. It’s delicious. It’s chunky! So this is where I’ve gone to great lengths to protect my favourite Cadbury’s. My husband and children dislike dark chocolate and fruit and nut chocolate (as do I, don’t tell them) so I buy dark chocolate and fruit and nut chocolate and save the wrappers. Then I save my favourite Cadbury’s flavours like Snack and Top Deck in the wrappers. Works ever time.

4. In your underwear drawer

I like to use the underwear drawer for biscuits such as Mint Slice and Arnott’s Assorted Cream and Oreos because my children eat the cream and chocolate and leave the biscuits. It’s disgusting and wasteful. Because my underwear drawer is such a cluttered mess I can fit quite a few packets of biscuits in there and protected from the revolting biscuit-eating-habits of my family.

This is what my kids (husband) look like when they find my stash. Image: Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Paramount Pictures

5. In the boot of your car

This only works for lollies that can't melt and as a lolly-lover I tend to need to get something "out of the boot" of the car quite often. Allen's pineapples and red frogs, sour straps, red licorice all keep nicely in the car but stick to the boot, not the glove box, because this is not amateur hour. Your children are sophisticated sugar hunters. They will find lollies in the glove box in five seconds and if you are stupid enough to put them in there you deserve to lose them.

6. In your work or computer bag


Leaving treats in my work bag works really well because a. the kids and my husband never look in there and b. I can eat them at work in front of people instead of hiding in the pantry or the laundry or the bathroom to eat them in peace.

"Mum, where did you get that from?"

"Hon, is there any more where that came from?"

Sometimes food tastes better when eaten in secret. Am I right? Image: Bridget Jones's Diary, Universal Pictures

7. At work

Or you can just wave the white flag and leave all of your treats at work and just have them there. It makes work more fun because you have a sweet treat to look forward to and also you can eat them in peace, unless you work at one of those places where everyone is obsessed with food (Mamamia) and constantly expects you to share (Mamamia) which puts you straight back at square one, having to hide treats not only at home but at work so everyone doesn't eat them all, leaving nothing for you.

8. In between the dinner plates

If you are trying to quickly eat something delicious in the kitchen and you hear footsteps - normally my husband who walks like an elephant - you can quickly slip it in between the dinner plates in the cupboard. That way all he sees is you diligently putting away dinner plates while you've quickly slipped it in between the dinner plates, ready to polish off as soon as he leaves the room.

Leave the room already!

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