7 ridiculous cat accessories you absolutely don't need in your life.

Why doesn’t your cat own a wig? WHY?

The thing about cats is that they don’t care about you. But you still want to lavish them with gifts. It’s just the nature of your relationship.

Here are 7 things that your cat absolutely does not need. But you’ll probably want to buy them anyway.

1. Kitty wigs.

If your wonder-being isn’t satisfied with the fur they were gifted, we have a product for you. Yes, the people over at ‘Kitty Wigs’ have developed a solution to cover your cat’s little head (and furniture) in the glorious shades of pink passion, beautiful blonde, electric blue, and silver fox. It’s what any sane person would do.

The ‘Kitty Wig’. Images via Tumblr.

2. Burger bed.

This product is a win-win for pet and owner. Watch on in hysterics as your cat is gobbled up by its new burger bed. Delicious.

3. Cat yoga mat.

Sleeping 23 hours a day can be exhausting. To combat this debilitating condition, a company by the name of Feline Yogi has combined a cat lounger, scratcher and toy to create the very first cat yoga mat. Quite simply, it will keep your cat fe-line fine.

That looks about right. Images via Instagram @felineyogi.

4. Cat scratch DJ deck.

Does your kitty have star power? An ear for the next big thing? Well now, you can train your cat to be the next superstar DJ with the Cat Scratch DJ. All we can say is, drop that beat kitty-cat.

cat accessories
DJ Hairballz. Image via Tumblr.

5. Unicorn horn.

The packaging says it all: Cat’s love it (ignore image of the cat clearly not loving it).

cat accessories
Finally the world is complete. Image via Tumblr.

6. “Kitty Ditties, Cat Ballads, and Feline Airs”.

Musician David Teie, the man behind Teyus Music, has composed a series of songs for the discerning feline listener. Based on the varied physiological traits and interests of our furry friends the songs are designed to convey a particular mood. Available on iTunes. Seriously.

cat accessories
Definitely listening to Tay Tay. Image via Tumblr.

7. Cat Beret

All cats are French. FACT.

Stylish. Images via Tumblr.

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