The 7 makeup trends that need to die in 2015.

Images: Instagram

Looking back, 2014 was an odd year in the beautysphere.

We became obsessed with knowing how the previously thin-lipped Kylie Jenner plumped up her lips (still are), coloured our hair ALL the colours of the rainbow, and dipped our brushes a little too hard into the brown contour powder. Read on for the seven trends we hope to never see in 2015.

1. Blow up doll lips.

It didn’t work out for poor Farrah Abrahams, it never worked on Pammy Anderson and if we see one more tutorial on how to get Kylie Jenner’s lips…

2. Claw nails.

Take a look at your fingertips. Would they look out of place on a wild beast? If you answered no, then you’re doing it wrong. Also, how do you LIVE?

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3. Instagram eyebrows.

The backlash against Instagram brows (ombre OTT drawn-on brows) was so huge that Wayne Goss, the YouTube beauty guru with millions of followers, made a video declaring that ‘Instagram eyebrows should be illegal.’ We'd have to agree.

4. Obvious Balayage

The hair trend that allowed us to skip salon visits, save money and look like an ex-Sylvania Waters cast member was epic. It was good while it lasted, but those days are over, friends. Make that colour appointment today.

5. Rainbow / pastel / coloured hair.

Coloured hair used to be rebellious, edgy even, but in 2014 you couldn’t walk down the street especially in hipster locales without seeing at least seven people with rainbow hair. Let it go.

6. Ombre lips.

This was a fad that only existed on the internet, because no one in real life ever thought it was a good idea to leave the house wearing three different lipstick shades. And, no one got time for that.

Image via YouTube.

7. Contouring.

Again, this trend was for the makeup diehards among us. You’d be hard pressed to find an average Aussie woman who was contouring on a daily basis. That said, NARS Contouring Duo palettes were consistently sold out at Mecca stores in 2014, so someone had to be doing it. Full disclosure: I own that palette.

Here are some beauty products that will be perfect for 2015's new and improved beauty trends:

 What makeup trends would you like to see retired in 2015?