The 6 classic beauty products that will never, ever fail you.

Image via iStock. Oldies, but goodies.

With so many beauty products on the market these days that promise to do an array of clever things (Curl! Plump! Strengthen! Thicken!) it can be hard to find something that truly, really does what it claims to.

And when the new and exciting doesn’t deliver, it’s time to ditch them for the favourites.

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Classic (that often become cult) beauty products are popular for a reason – they’re consistent, reliable and won’t let you down, unlike that pot of iridescent glitter the lady at the shop counter promised would become a beauty staple. (It didn’t).

Not that time Kesha, not that time.

For many, a large attraction to classic beauty products is the personal history that goes with them. I remember being younger and watching my mum use many of them to get ready, sitting in awe of all the glamorous bottles and potions on her dressing table. My collection of lipsmackers and blue eyeshadow pots didn't seem quite so sophisticated.

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The surprising thing? Those classic beauty products are probably older than you are, but they're still just as relevant today. In celebration of these oldies but goodies, here are six classic beauty products that will never fail you.

How many of these do you use? Any others you think we missed off the list?