$600 a month for beauty treatments. For an 11 year old.



Let’s just put the matching white boots to one side for a moment, shall we?
On the left, we have 11 year old Sasha Bennington from Lancashire in the UK. On the right, her 31 year old mother Jayne who got her daughter her first set of fake nails glued on at 8 and now pays for Sasha to have spray tans, pedicures, hair extensions and other beauty treatments that clock in at thousands of pounds a year.

‘All the
kids are at it now,’ Jayne told the Daily Mail. ‘We spend about £300 a month on
beauty treatments for her. Sasha’s friends are the same.
All girls their age are. Of course they are!  Perhaps it’s
different in country areas, where they don’t need to grow up so fast.
But, around big cities, girls have got to be more forward and act older
than they are. That’s just the way it is. I don’t
understand why people get so upset about it. None of it is permanent.
Tans wash off. Hair extensions come out. Why all the fuss?’


Um, because IT’S INSANE????????????????



Surprisingly – not – Jayne enters her daughter in beauty pagaents and says Jordan is Sasha’s role model. Jayne thinks this is ace. In fact she’s the one who says she wants her daughter to be the next Jordan.

‘Of course. Jordan is her idol and I fully
support her in that. She’s a great role model, this really
down-to-earth woman who has made a big success of her life. She’s a
better role model than Britney Spears  –  any day.’

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