50 Shades of No: The campaign giving voice to the real words of real women.

A new sexual assault and harassment campaign is using the real words of real women to illustrate the many and varied ways women demonstrate non-consent.

Titled 50 Shades of No, creators Jess Langley, Annelise Hickey and Jo de Fina – upon being moved by the recent onslaught of sexual harassment allegations made public in our Weinstein era – reached out to women across the world to better understand, and to better give voice, to the cues women give in conversations of consent.

They took 50 real-life statements from 50 women and printed them onto a range of t-shirts. They also then directed, shot and produced a film using the statements to tell the women’s stories.

Image: Supplied.

“It’s actually not always easy ‘to just say no’," Langley said in a statement. "Because of this, people may communicate their discomfort with more passive verbal and nonverbal cues. We can violate someone’s boundaries when we don’t pick up on these signals, even if we have no intention to do so. We think there’s an opportunity for people of all genders to make sure their sexual partners feel safe and comfortable.”

Given recent debate about consent and non-verbal cues that came from allegations of misconduct against Aziz Ansari, the women have chosen to launch their line of t-shirts on International Women's Day to, at the very least, create awareness and conversations about the way women say 'no'.

The Out Loud team decide where they stand on all things Aziz Ansari. Post continues after. 

Each statement, de Fina says, represents a moment a woman was ignored when trying to say 'no'.

After all, so many woman have an experience like these. And now more than ever is the time to talk about them.

The 50 Shades of No t-shirts are available for sale from 8 March from with money raised donated to Project Consent.