Are you guilty of over-sharenting?

If you’ve ever posted these eight things online about your kids, consider this an intervention. 

Many parents think nothing of sharing things about their kids online. We share every special moment, every milestones reached, every funny story and every embarrassing moment. And why? Does it make us feel less alone in our parenting journey?

Maybe hearing similar stories from other parents makes us feel less unusual. “Yes, my child sticks things up his nose too,” or, “Sure, my 10-year-old is still wetting the bed,” or, “Ha, how funny does my little girl look trying on my bra?”

You can see how over-sharing – or “over-sharenting”, as it’s been tagged – can quickly become a bit creepy. In fact, a US study has found that two-thirds of parents think nothing of sharing details of our children’s lives through photos and status updates, and it can all be will all be found when our kids are older.

Dr. Joanne Orlando from the University of Western Sydney says the advancements in technology are partially to blame. “However the capability of technology requires us all to be responsible and make informed decisions about what information we collect and make available, and the possible consequences to the rights of children,” he told Fairfax.

Here are the 8 things you should probably think twice about before sharing…

What would you add to this list?

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